Accidently hit "bridge" on my modem. Help?!

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by MarleyIsaLegend, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. So I was trying to fix my connection for xbox the other day and I heard something about "bridging" my router and modem and I hit bridge on my modem (not knowing what I was doing) and it killed my internet for like an hour. It came back up but now my modem doesnt light up the "internet" light and I can't access my modem page or whatever to fix it back. Is there anyway I can fix this without calling my internet provider?
  2. bridging? I don't think you can do that on any router or modem. The only time you would bridge wires is when you have an amp and subs to make it bump harder
  3. why would you try to bridge your router and modem? read up more about what you're doing before you do it. bridges are used to consolidate ethernet devices onto a wireless network or to pass traffic from one network to another. since you did this your modem thinks your router is connected to your isp and is passing traffic to it. when in reality it's vice versa.

    try using the reset button on your modem.
  4. LOL

    In networking, a bridge makes itself invisible and connects the two networks (making a bridge between them).

    Many DSL modems are normally not in bridge mode because they have a built-in router. They get an IP address and handling routing packets, assigning DHCP leases, etc. Turning it into Bridge mode means that instead, your computer gets the WAN IP address since the bridge just passes it through.

    OP, if you can't access the modem's web page you might as well just call the ISP.
  5. I remember bridging my connection in Halo 2 so that I could give myself host or someone else host. I plugged my original xbox into my wifi laptop and used that connection for both Xbox Live and regular Internet on the computer.

    Those were the good ol' days.
  6. I had to put my modem in bridge mode. But I did it because my router (Dlink DGL-4500) was double NATing. Just reset your modem. Should be fine.

  7. I've tried resetting. Still no change. Now when I try to access my modem home page it sends me to my routers page
  8. doing a hard reset should do it. what modem do you have. try going to a different ip like
  9. Well since everyone is just pokin around in the dark lets start with the basics. What model modem do you have? Have you rtfm? If you're not willing to do so, then do like Feanor said and call your ISP.
  10. Hold the reset for 30 seconds, leave it up for 30 seconds, then hold it down for 30 more seconds. That's a higher level of reset than just a software reset.

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