Accidentally Massive Hit Of Isopropyl Alcohol 99%

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  1. Well... that was one of the stupidest things i have ever done in my life... so i was cleaning my bong with isopropyl 99,5% until i got some messages on skype, i let it next to me and began chatting. I completely forgot that i have left the whole bong with the iso inside. the stupid part is for some reason i began to inhale from precooler to check the air flow, then i grabbed the bong and took a massive iso hit.
    That burn i felt inside man.. i thought im gonna explode like hiroshima
    Dizziness, a bit headache and not good braithtake symptoms started soon, but the feel im going to die after googling it was the worst part. I read about damage in brain,central nervous system and lungs. my god that was so cruel. i think im okay now (2-3 hours passed).

  2. Thought you were gonna light the bowl and burn yourself up in a fireball haha. That's harsh man hope everything's ok.
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    fuck that i'd probably pass out lol catching whiffs of it when i'm cleaning can make me feel a bit sick sometimes so I couldn't imagine doing that  :confused_2:
    haha yeah brother look at the positive you could just fuckin went up in flames  :smoke:
    Be a bro and put some real alcohol in that shit and rip it  :bongin:
  5. Yikes. I can't imagine dude. Glad nothing serious happened, like everyone said it could have blown up.

    Did this once with a pipe, cleaned it with iso, didn't do a good job on the rinse, went to light and small poof of explosion inside. Scared the shit out of me. Whistled through the carb too, lol.
    Since then, I over rinse my pieces.
  6. wow ur lucky dude. i hope the message was a good one/worth it lol
  7. Did that once felt like I was having a heart attack. Not fun
  8. Lol lucky it didn't go up in ya face...then we would need pics haha
  9. Damn... and I thought accidentally dry ripping an empty bong was rough.
  10. Dry Rips... I tend to do them on accident far too many times than I'd like to admit, even happens when I try to make videos lol

  11. Man that is intense I'm shocked the smell alone don't hint to you . I know that stuff smells strong lol.

    Go to the doctor tho an get checked out you just may never know .
  12. My god man that sounds horrific! Sounds like when i accidently inhaled half of a cigarette filter by being drunk and lighting the wrong end. Felt funny for a day or two. I've also taken a dab of some slightly under purged iso and that shit was nnaaasstttyyyy!
  13. Man. That happened to. But the chick I was with took a fat rip and blew it out like normal. I proceeded to do the same.... Man I instantly coughed up a lung and she was perfectly fine... Man wtf haha

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