Accidental DXM trip

Discussion in 'General' started by Alphå, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. So I have pneumonia. My back fucking kills. My sinuses are clogged. I've just been dragging behidn the past few days.

    So I roll into my campus's health services center and tell them I think I have pneumonia... They give me a prescrip for a Z-pack and a brown bag filled with goodies. They gave me a bottle of Q-tussin DM and a ton of cough drops, aspirin, tylenol, all sorts of random shit ( I thought free stuff was cool)

    I don't have a teaspoon or measuring cup so I just took a swig of it when I got back to my pad. About an hour later I took another good swig (right before comp101).

    In the middle of my class I was so fucked up, I was talking to my professor and absolutely forgot what I was talking about. I felt like I was drunk. Five minutes later I put two and two togethor. I felt like I was drunk all the bus ride home... Then I checked out the bottle... DXM... So this is a robo trip.

    I drank ~50mL of the stuff. But... here's the catch, I didn't eat or drink anything at all.

    I didn't enjoy it. I felt like I was drunk but a bit more in control. I was trying really hard to have an intellectual conversation with one of my instructors but I just kept fumbling around for words.

  2. I've robo tripped before...wasn't all that bad for me though, kinda cool story with it actually
  3. Yeah, I guess that wouldn't be too fun if you didn't know it was coming. :laughing:
  4. Don't drink too much of that stuff at once unless you want to puke considering that DXM isn't the only active ingrediant. If you enjoyed that go get a bottle of zicam cough max mist (make sure its the one with dxm only) and then you should feel more than just drunk and trip. Hardcore dxm trips have made me forget that i was human and i get caught in a loop of wondering what anything in my room is and trying to figure out what my purpose is considering i forget i'm human
  5. that would be wierd. i like it in really high doses but i like to kbow its comming.

  6. To be honest with you I didn't like it. The past couple days have changed me a lot... I quit cigs and I've got to cut down my cannabis consumption. Smoking bowl after bowl might be okay on vacation, weekends, or when I'm retired, but I've got shit that I have to do right now in order to relax later on in life.
  7. I can imagine how being high on DXM while you're sick in school would suck, even though you didn't take that much if you had an empty stomach that would definitely increase the effects.
  8. Yeah I didn't eat all day.

    It didn't really suprise me, it came on slowly. I would say that I have a lot of control when I'm intoxicated. Its not that I didn't like it because it startled me or was unexpected. I didn't like it becuase it felt like I was drunk, but more confuzed.
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  10. Damn, I want some Robotussin, I haven't tripped in so long.
  11. I drank a bottle of some robitussin (yes i did make sure it didnt have any of the chemicals that would possibly kill you or make you vomit) a few days ago, as well as a few percs topped off with 1.5 g's of sour d. Lets just say it was a good night. I liked it, i wasnt really trippin my balls off or anything but it just felt like a trippy drunk plus i felt like i was on a cloud because of the pills and ganj.
  12. Low doses of DXM suck, it just makes you feel a little tipsy and really stupid.

    If you ever plan to use it recreationally, up the dose and you'll get some visuals.
  13. fuck that robo, yeah youll trip and see stuff...but you need to take alot of it, and it tastes horrible...thats when you go to lsd or shrooms if you want that....
  14. I'd both take and recommend a good satch of shrooms before Dextromethorphan any damn day.

  15. qft. i hear ya. i was rollin hard lastniht and had a deep look at myself and realized i gotta quit bein such a fuckin rockstar for awhile. cut down on thizz and weed and only a few beers at night. start savin money. i admitadly am getting out of hand with my substances so its time to slow down b4 i end up like smokentoke.

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