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  1. Hey who else here speaks in an accent. By accent I mean anythings besides middle american plain talk.

    Fuckin Boston righit heaaah kid
  2. In the midwest born and raised. Got told I have a boston accent though, I dont know but I heard it quite a few times back in the day.
  3. Im eatin some chowdaa ovva heaaa, getting thirsty wheres the bubbla at?
  4. fuck. i left it in the shittah. be careful tho i dropd a steamahh
  5. I have an accent, I have been told I sound like an Australian cowboy... no idea where I got it though since no one else in my family has an accent.
  6. bitches don't know bout mah brogue
  7. somewhat of a rhode island/boston accent and i don't say g in like in g words it's just hard and weird for me.
  8. Wow you just shot down my accent. Fuck that shit, that's still an accent. I'm originally from your neighbor to the south.
  9. Southern accent

  10. i used to have a hard time saying "girl". i learned to deal with it though
  11. Even though I have a regular new English accent, I can also talk in a perfect southern and British accent.

    Sometimes when I meet someone new I'll stick with a completely different accent and see how they react to it.

  12. then say what accent you have. share :hello:
  13. I have an Australian accent, but I when I hear myself in recordings I think people could mistake me for an English person. It's not as distinct as the stereotypes would have you believe- the really stereotypical one is more common among inlanders/blue-collar types. The majority of my friends including myself have a pretty non-descript accent, as if we're speaking the English language without any phonetic inflection. That's obviously just 'cause I'm used to it, to Americans I might sound like Steve Irwin. Idk.
  14. Everyone has an accent... I thought I was the most normal sounding person ever, but I've had people from the south, from the midwest, and from England all compliment me on my accent.
  15. Americans

    hear an Aussie accent, think it's English

    hear a Scottish accent, think it's Irish


  16. That's me I guess lol.
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    I wonder if different accents use different parts of the brain.

    think about it.

    why do people conisder some english accents to be intelligent, while the american southern accent is seen as somewhat silly and stupid.
  18. man i aint got no accent man born n raised in fuckin okie man not shit for an accent there yall
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    You yankies have a terrible accent, its hard to understand what you buddies are talking aboot. But you get use to it after a while... eh.
  20. Boston CHYEAAA

    I'm goin down sullah [cellar]. :D

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