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acacia bark dmt HELP!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by shredsticks, Nov 3, 2008.

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  1. hopefully someone can help me, I am thinking about extracting dmt. I was going to purchase acacia bark, and while looking I found acacia bark powder here http://www.botanical.com/products/bulkherb/a.html#Acacia

    does anyone know of this will work, or if I need to buy the actual bark?

    its acacia powder btw
  2. someone has got to know....right?
  3. the powder will do fine. i didn't use acacia but the mimosa powder worked swimmingly.
  4. Let me know how the experience is, sounds interesting.
  5. if your gonna extract DMT use missos hostilis bark,that way you get the most DMT out of it,also use the straight to basetek for your extraction process so easy a monkey can do it also you get a nice chunk of DMT using that process

    2 kilos could end you up with 10 grams of D,then that can translate in to 2,500 dollars,enless you smoke it all,DMT is a magical substance...have fun....peace


  6. actually you are wrong about mimosa hostilis bark being the most potent (it only has 0.57% dmt) acacia simplicifolia bark is the most potent (0.86%) although there is also pilocarpus organensis (1.06%) but it is 5-meo-dmt instead of nn-dmt. i personally use regular acacia bark (0.71%) because it grows abundantly where i live and is easy to get. i also recomend acacia bark because it is alot cheaper than hostilis bark(if bought online). just check out erowid it is reviewed by many scientists to make sure the information is correct. you can also send them questions and they will answer it with 100% acurate feedback. i recomend producing this on a small skale if you are a beginner a good 30g-120g of plant material (turns to .25g - 1g dmt) is a good start. as you start perfecting the process and getting more potent dmt crystals you can add more. :cool:
  7. hmm..well i was talking about the ratio,amount of the actual product from any given batch,if your familiar with the straight to base teq can you use acacia bark as well?
  8. Hey mate. Regular acacia = acacia simplicifolia? And what part do you use? bark?
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