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  1. A couple months ago I purchased the pax 2 and have been saving up my abv. I have a few questions about how I should use it. Should I make butter or oil with it so I can make brownies or just smoke it in a bong? This is what it looks like now, any feedback on whether it should be darker or lighter would be appreciated! Thank you!

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  2. You can cook with abv, eat it straight up (although it takes a lot (1g+ to do anything)) or smoke it. I'd say cooking or smoking it would be most efficient. When I'm done with a load I dump it straight into a pipe and then put keif on top of that for extra fun
  3. Cook with it. It's not even worth burning as you've extracted most of the cannabinoids. Imagine trying to get high off of something weaker than shwag.
  4. Yeah I would try to make edibles with it, I find they are stronger if you leave the actual avb in the recipe, although this makes them kind of gritty and not the best tasting...Your avb also looks lightly vaped since it is a nice gold color, mine is usually straight brown after I am done with a pack in my LSV...

    I have about a half oz of AVB right now, think I will try to make a glycerin tincture with it and see how that works out.
  5. I use to put it on PB and spread it on crackers; i called them Scooby Snax

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