Absolutely no experience. 1000 us dollars to start.

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  1. Ive been researching for a few weeks and instead of things getting clearer...im more confused. idk what is better. example. lighting. ive read so many articles about different light bulbs and how they have different "colors". idk what is best. i will be growing indoors. i have roughly a grand to spend on my setup. can someone point me in the right direction? idk if i should use soil or hydroponics. right now im leaning towards hydroponics...but again...theres soooo many different ones ive seen online....ranging from a few hundred to thousands. should i built my own? buy one already built? HELP !!
  2. Damn! I wouldnt invest more than $200 into your first grow. You know, start with the basics, get the feel of things, and if all goes well, feel free to upgrade to more expensive equipment. Beginner growers can make beginner mistakes. It happens and I dont want you to invest a ton of money into a disappointment.
    ANYWAYS. Shop around for some T5 flourescent lights. Soil or hydro is all preference. My buddy grows both and they require about the same amount of maintenance. Hydro seems to be more expensive. If you're willing to spend some dough, I recommend buying a legitimate hydroponics system. Don't try building your own unless you got a good hand for tools and building. If you want to grow in soil, simply look for some fox farms soil and 8" pots. Hope this helps and I'd be more than happy to answer any more specific questions you have. I'm a beginner grower myself but am very knowledgeable on the topic. I room'd with a legal medical grower for a few years and have learned all the in's and outs
  3. 1000$ damn you could have a pro setup with that much. I feel you on the whole confusion thing. What you need to do is find the lights and equipment that suit your needs.

    how many plants are you planning? like 10 you might want to go with HID lighting, if one CFL or t5's would do.

    you basically have to build your setup to your conditions, if you read up on it you just have to form the questions of what you need and what you want and go from there.

  4. what hydroponic system would you recommend? people keep telling me to use soil because its "simpler" . do you agree with that? btw thanks for being patient with me

  5. i plan on growing in my apartment closet. its a fairly large closet. what would you recommend ?
  6. this is my opinion and it is biased on the lighting and medium.

    Personally if I were to closet grow I would go with a switchable 400W or 600W MH/HPS with a air cooled reflector, a can carbon filter and vortex fan of some kind. If need be I would run an extra intake/exhaust to help keep the closet cool but this I would not know till I set everything up. I would use horticulture grade mylar for the walls (making it as smooth as I could) I would look into the fox farms line of ferts (I personally use tiger bloom and big bloom), I will not give you soil recomendation but a good soil is needed. and at least 3.8 gallon planter pots. I would not go hydro but only because I have never used them.

    get a PH meter too

  7. Sorry homie I wouldnt know, I grow in the dirt, not water :rolleyes:
    Do whatever you want man it's up to you, soil is much more simple IMO.
    Of course man, any time.

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