Above the Influence

Discussion in 'General' started by limetree, May 15, 2010.

  1. cause they want stoners to read it then be shocked and stop stoning
  2. One marijuana joint can deliver four times as much cancer causing tar as one tobacco cigarette

    this shit makes me wanna slap somebody forreal how ignorant can people really be towards the greatness

    somebody is pissin off the gods
  3. the "facts" are stupid but the games and the graphics are kind of cool. like the brain game lol
  4. haha i didnt see tha games limme check um out ;)
  5. i cant be at that stupid website anymore. too much anti-weed propaganda is putting me in a downer mood.
  7. All those facts were from government branches and shit. So, that means it's all bullshit crap. Fucking lying government. Tryin' to take my weeeeed. D:
  8. Go watch some videos on the history of marijuana. Early presidents and their cabinet made weed illegal, internationally, and feel if they back away from their goal they will "lose".

    Cabinet teams have drawn up reports on the benefits of marijuana and the presidents have ripped them up. Our government is a joke and now its the peoples' time to rise up and make legal what was made illegal in the past.
  9. Check them out on facebook, its hilarious.
  10. Marijuana leads to illegal pranks and dares.

    I lol'd.

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