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Above the influence fail

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Renji Elric, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. I visited above the just for kicks and giggles, and found this.
    This kid kept up a 4.0, with sports, while drinking and smoking. Then he got caught, and he got in all this trouble because its illegal, not because its bad. I bet they paid him to do this...
  2. I would say the 'him' is probably entirely fictional, and yet they still fucked up lol
  3. If he has a 4.0 GPA, don't you think he would have found someway to keep his lifestyle hidden, better yet, hide his stuff better!?!?!?! I mean i got bagged when i was 15, my mom did , she said " I dont approve, and dont want it in the house, but I cant stop you."

    All she would do is take it away for herself!:devious:

    I love those commercials,I like the dog one. Im thinking of making a spoof inwhich

    dog says "Jimmy, smoking pot isn't cool, i dont like you anymore."
    Jimmy: " No fucking way, you can talk?!?!?!"
    Dog "Just stop smoking....."
    Jimmy:" Hold on let me get the camera!"
    Dog *paw to face*

    Its over ahaha, yeah I am high:smoking:
  4. Haha, this advert made me feel like my dog was accusing me while I was high.

    Fussing a pet while high is amazing.
  5. NIDA website. These are the reasons it should be legalized dammit :mad: :smoking:
  6. watch he quits pot and his gpa start to drop

    that would own prapaganda ahahah

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