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About to smoke weed for the first

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheLastOneDead, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. What's up people. I'm 21 years old and never smoked weed in my life. I've smoked cigars/pipe tobacco for a couple of years, but I don't inhale. No cigarettes. I really enjoy drinking, but I always get splotchy when I drink, maybe I'm allergic, or maybe I just drink too much.

    Anyways, I've been lurking here for a couple of weeks and I have gotten the urge to try this out. My older brother smokes and has several dealers, so I knows he could hook me up, but I feel kind of awkward bringing it up. Long story short, I'm having my girlfriends co-worker buy me an eighth of weed. Wasn't sure how much to get to try it out, and I have no clue what her dealer even has. I just told her to let me know what his prices were like and I would go from there.

    In NC, what should I expect to pay for an eighth of weed? I'm kind of hoping that the dealer cuts me a little short, because I know my brother will notice and tell me that he can hook me up.

    One more much should I smoke my first time? How much should I pack in a bowl? I really don't want to waste a spec, because I'm tight on cash.

    Really excited about trying this. If I fall in love, I'll stop drinking (as much).
  2. Buy a gram and just pack it...
  3. If you don't smoke out of a bong your lungs and throat burn extremely bad but after a few times it goes away.
  4. Not sure what prices are in NC. But eighth's around me are like 40-60 bills. And I would just pack one hitters if you don't wanna waste any.
  5. Wish I could give some of this edible...

    Instead of smoking, you should have an edible. It last longer and a very relaxing high.. I think you will enjoy it

  6. I guess you have a bong, bowl, pipe or whatever. If so pack it full. Grab some food and turn the lights out and watch a movie.

    p.s. Smoke it all don't be a pussy.
  7. A couple of you said to buy a gram. I don't know why I told her to buy an eighth. I look at it like this...if for some reason I decide I don't want it, I'll sell it to my brother. I always prepare for the worst though...even if my first experience if horrible, I will try again and again until I know. I think I'll try to smoke about a gram, then just watch a movie like you guys said.
  8. Keep the rest man once first couple of time it isn't amazing. Then you finish up that last 1-1.5 and you'll be high a kite.
  9. Do you guys remember your first time? What was it like?
  10. Hell yeah, brother!

    First off an eighth should be 15$ unless it is high grade then it will be 60$. Secondly, when you pack a bowl just fill the whole bowl up, not too tight and take two hits and see how you feel from there. If you don't feel anything then take two more. Once you start feeling good and high then I recommend takin one possibly two more hits and sitting it down to enjoy the high.

    Sometimes a first time smoker won't be able to get high so of you don't feel anything after ten hits then don't bother. Just try again tomorrow. I was one of those, I never could get high and it took me months of smoking to finally get there.

    But you will love the high once you do find it!
    Peace, bro! Let us know how it goes!

  11. Grey, you seem very trustworthy....haha.
  12. There is a thread floating about somewhere about our first highs. Mine personally was good i smoked half a joint and just felt plain ill. Second time I was follow cats around and talking to them. Now I just kick back, relax and eat while pondering things.

  13. An eighth should range from $50 - 70, prices vary in the area you live in.

    0.5 - 1.0 of Dank (high potency weed) should get you ripped, smoke slowly and space out your hits until you feel like you had enough. Hope you enjoy your smoking experience and welcome to GC!
  14. Oh but I try.

  15. Ignore the spiders, they're not real, and if you scratch too much you'll bleed.
  16. I remember the first time i toked, it was quite exhilarating. Enjoy yourself, play some music or watch a movie. I wouldn't recommend going out anywhere in public blazed if your a newbie though. Certain situations or people can make you paranoid if you're not used to the effects of weed and may cause you to have panic attacks. Once you start becoming a regular smoker, you can handle more situations high with more ease.

  17. I got baked. it was great but I really wasn't that high. only smoked half a blunt. in subsequent times I got incredibly high and it was amazing. recently I've been having bad experiences, but I'm taking some time off to focus on and evaluate other aspects of my life. finally decided what direction I want to take my education in. so my next time smoking (probably in the coming weeks) should be fun!
  18. It felt like an out of body experience the first time.
  19. My first time was in grade 9 and used my buddies Yoda head bong with 4 hoses coming out of the top. I could not stop laughing. I never really started smoking regularilly untill after my first year or university. Before I started I was drinking a lot quite often and after I started smoking my drinking was much less frequent.
    Good luck bud and have fun! :D
  20. Bet you smoked some good indica ;)

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