"About to run out" rolling paper?

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  1. I always wondered if you can smoke the "you're about to run out!" rolling paper in the pack when you have like 5 left.

    Take that shit to the face.

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  2. tested/ confirmed
  3. taste like shit yo?
  4. i guess its better than bible paper
  5. bible paper? c'mon now....
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    Pretty sure it's the same ink (usually soy or plant based) they've always used for the colorful printing on the papers... shouldn't taste or smell any different, I avoid the printed stuff either way. :)

    Does it have a lickable/gum seal?
  7. Eminem biography was rollable/smoke able if I remember correctlu.
  8. damn... i always resorted to a can. not random paper. lol
  9. Feels so damn disrespectful, even if im not a believer. But i've done it, and it works.
  10. id get paranoid and think im gonna get struck by lightning or hit by a bus if i smoked with bible paper. lol
  11. whats so bad about smoking bible paper, if i were god id be proud to finaly see a good use of that book ive written

  12. You mean the book he inspired but who nameless nobodies wrote and altered countless times?
  13. ive asked everyone on the street for some papers, but nobody had some, then i asked god and he told me to roll one with bible paper
  14. i dont go to church. so for that fact i cannot give you reasons why using bible paper would be bad. just gives me a wrong feeling.

  15. That and it's chemically treated and bleached, and you can never know what metals, plastics, and chemicals it contains.

    "...bible paper is generally made from 25% cotton and linen rags or flax in combination with chemical wood pulp"

    "Technically it is called lightweight offset paper and is a type of woodfree uncoated paper.....

    Woodfree uncoated paper
    (WFU) or uncoated fine papers are containing mainly chemical pulps and 5–25% fillers.[1] Both softwood and hardwood chemical pulps are used and a minor part of mechanical pulp might be added (often of aspen or poplar)." - Wiki

    Rolling papers use fewer chemicals during processing, they choose higher quality and less treated or untreated plant sources and fibers, and often opt for more mechanical pulps and processing, in place of chemicals.

    The pages in books leach processing toxins, just when they become wet. They are sometimes even plasticized to make them tougher and last longer.. and who doesn't love smoking plastic? :p Much of our book paper today has also been treated with BPA, an artificial estrogen, as a preservative for mold prevention... also not great to burn and smoke.

    "This compound (BPA) is synthesized by the condensation of acetone (hence the suffix A in the name)[14] with two equivalents of phenol. The reaction is catalyzed by a strong acid, such as hydrochloric acid (HCl) or a sulfonated polystyrene resin. Industrially, a large excess of phenol is used to ensure full condensation; the product mixture of the cumene process (acetone and phenol) may also be used as starting material."

    Some low quality rolling papers are barely any better than print paper, but either way, it's a completely different ballgame.

    Our book paper isn't all that great for us in terms of physical exposure, even if you're not burning those chemicals and smoking their remains and byproducts.

    The stuff used to make book paper is not meant for inhalation, even in its raw form, and especially not if you're going to be burning it.

    This is why rolling papers are made for smoking, and reading papers are made for reading. :)
  16. Bible paper will get you a righteous buzz...
  17. And that's how you know someone's a stoner
  18. theres like five blank pages in the back, what are those used for??
  19. Hahaha all of these posts about feeling disrespectful. It's a fucking book guys

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