about to have my first shroom experience..

Discussion in 'General' started by Average Bum, May 17, 2006.

  1. what would be a good environment to have fun and have it exciting, and should i not smoke weed before/after the shrooms?

    also how long will they last

    i plan on getting 20 dollars worth for a trip..
  2. I say you buy 2 grams (dry) then eat a gram and chill for a bit, see how you're feeling and then take the other gram if you want more of a buzz in like an hour. Try to get really hyped up about doing them (very important). If its nice outside you should definately go outdoors, but not where its crowded or anything. I wouldnt recommend smoking before because I had a pretty bad experience with that, but Im not sure if weed had anything to do with it. The trip will probably last around 4-5 hours, depends on the potency.

    Have a fun trip :D
  3. lucky bastard, i could go for some shrooms, don't think anyone around here has any :(
  4. yeah im going over to someone's place and some of us are going out to smoke so i doubt i'll pass it up

    but i think they're may be a few people that aren't so good with the whole drug idea.. how obvious would i be while tripping?
  5. If you eat 2 grams (usually 20 worth) and its your first time, probably pretty obvious that something isnt right. You'll be like walkin around and starin at shit... I dunno haha
  6. man!!! i had my first time today as well!!! SHIT WAS TIGHT. i didn't trip real hard but shit just felt soooo good..i ate like 1.75 grams (1 cap and stem, then the rest like 45 minutes later). it was so awesome.
  7. quick suggestion...if you like pot and like shrooms (which i'm sure anyone that's ever had either does), eat the caps from your shrooms and then smoke a bowl with the stems and some good weed.
  8. You smoke a bowl, then eat the stems?
  9. nah...smoke a bowl of weed AND the stems from the shrooms...my bad.
  10. Nope throw a bit of dried stems in the bowl with the weed and smoke it. And just a suggestion if its daylight while ur tripping go in the woods its pretty fucking amazing.
  11. You mean, crunch of some stems and smoke it inside a bowl at the same time smoking weed?
    For just one bowl? :confused:

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