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About to Cry...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Chronner420, May 23, 2010.

  1. So my friends coming over before I go to work to smoke some new kush he just grabbed. So me being the presentable person I am, went to go clean all my bongs up nice and squeaky clean. I finally made my way around to my prized possession, my RooR. The cleaning went fine and was looking brand new, but as I was talking to my mom, I popped my Slider/Downstem stupidly on the counter, and it rolled off as I wasn't looking. I was shocked by the shatter of glass all upon my floor.

    Now I'm not a very sensitive man, but when it comes to my bongs, and the amount of Time/Memories, and Love I've put into them, it just kills me inside to see them go.

    I currently only have 50$ to my name, with no sack, so I guess my RooR's out of commission for the next week or so. :(
  2. is the roor that being talked about the one in your profile pic

    tht sucks btw
  3. #3 PrettyLit, May 23, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 23, 2010
    go to your LHS and buy a cheap downstem for now,
    until you have enough to buy another roor diffy.

    btw blows to hear bout that.
  4. ouch man, feel for ya, why ya should never let your guard down around glass peices :smoking:
  5. That's one reason why I never have and I doubt I ever will own a piece or smoke out of glass.
  6. You can get a bong on GC for like $20? I got a mini one it probably doesn't compare to a roor but...

  7. Nobody in London smokes out of glass.
    Just not how it goes around here.
    Keep it simple, not getting technical with the herb man, covering up carbs and all that shit, water filtration, I just want to smoke the herb simple.
    My mums a hippy and I have a ton of rastas in my family, joints are just our thing.
  8. Breaking your glass is one of the worst feelings in the world, if it's someone else's fault that's something different, but if you break it and it's 100% your fault you feel like a piece of shit
    When I broke my first bong, I teared a bit :cry:
  9. You should catch up on your 2010 shit pimp, blunts are where its been at.


    I'm all for rolling shit up too, though. I prefer it too glass as well personally. However, I still have a spoon for those days where I only have a dub or less because I'm not trying to just roll all my shit up in the moment.
  10. Yes it is. And I have lots more than just my RooR bong, I've got 5 others within arm's reach right now, but none of them compare.

  11. We do smoke the occasional blunt, but very occasional. I smoke probably 30-50 joints/spliffs a week and maybe 1-2 blunts. Glass it just a bit too fancy and technical for me.
  12. just buy a cheaper one from a headshop, u can get anice diffy for like 15-25
  13. it coulda been worse, atleast its just the downstem and not the whole roor.
  14. How much weed do you go through a week smoking that many joints? I know you probably save some weed by mixing it with tobacco(seems like everyone in the UK area does this lol). Every since I switched to a vaporizer full time, I go through about an eighth a week. Down from my usual quarter a week with my combustibles.
  15. I don't smoke with tobacco to save weed really. I enjoy the taste, easier to roll, easier to smoke outside as it burns better and doesn't go out.
    I wouldn't be able to stand using a vaporizer to smoke weed. The whole grinding rolling and smoking process is somewhat of a ritual to me.
    I go through complete varying amounts, sometimes I'll be smoking people out, giving away herb, I never really keep track. I go through roughly 2 ounces a week, very rough though.
  16. I didn't think I'd be able to use a vape either. Like you, I really enjoyed smoking but, after using a vape full time for about a month now, I'm not looking back. This was reinforced this past friday when I used my glass spoon for the first time since getting my MFLB. The taste was terrible and I really couldn't enjoy it like I used to(made me kind of "sad" in a way). My lungs are thanking me though haha.

    I vape everyday, multiple times a day.
  17. The only thing that could probably sway me to using a vape would be the economical side that I'd save some I'm sure, even a bong is more economical I'm sure. But I really wouldn't want to lose my ritual :p

    What does the vape do to the taste? Less harsh?

  18. I dont really get any taste when using a vape, so yah less harsh
  19. Yeah, it's a lot less harsh. It feels like you're sucking in warm air. The taste is the best part of a vape in my opinion. When I pick up different strains, I can actually taste the difference between them. This wasn't the case when I used to smoke daily. The weed tastes EXACTLY how it smells (for the first few hits anyway), then you start getting a popcorn taste and that's when you know the bowl is done. You can then save that ABV(already been vaped) weed and cook with it once you have about an ounce of it. I plan on making brownies next weekend actually.

  20. Gonna have to try one one day because of you!
    Thanks :p

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