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about to buy my first pipe

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blazingbrain, May 24, 2010.

  1. I was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations please? :) thanks.
  2. Simple small glass bowl for around $15.
  3. You could get a small spoon or something. You might fall in love with it if the design is cool enough, haha.
  4. thanks :)

    and Jihuji i've noticed some pretty ones at my local smoke store, the patterns will be amazingly beautiful once I'm high I'm sure!
  5. It's all about what you like, dude. You're the one smoking out of the piece. Just browse around until you find something that you like. You don't choose the pipe; it chooses you.
  6. Ohhh I can remember my bong choosing me, I'm always going to love mr chongi if he cost me less that ten pound and is plastic
  7. get a spoon to start off. its what i did and i still love that mofo to death.
  8. haha I couldn't agree more with these guys. I had a small color changing pipe named "lefty"( the carb was on the wrong side). I fell in love, and then my friend smashed it on my floor.

  9. Every stoner needs a nice bowl, from there you can branch out. My next piece is this.
  10. get a nice cheap spoon, $15 maybe $10 if you have a friend who'd be willing to sell you a used one dunno if that matters to you or not.
    make sure you get one you like though first pieces are always sentimental. Sadly my first piece was smashed by my friends grandma :(
  11. Get a nice spoon with a decent sized bowl, you cant go wrong.
  12. Get something portable and make sure it has a carb (the whole on the side). Check out flea markets and some gas stations if you can't get to a head shop.
  13. got this today:

    Molino Glass Spoon Pipe - Inside-Out - Online Shop

    really nice, except carb is is on the right unlike in the picture but i doubt this will be much of a problem? also got some steel gauzes and this Molino Glass Gauze - Online Shop, but the glass seems to restrict airflow a bit.

    anywayz, can't wait to finish this year of uni (not smoking when studying) and light up a bowl rather than a j!

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