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About to buy my first O

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Greg Green, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. hey guys, first time poster.

    anyways im about to buy my first oz, i bought an 8th before for 65$ and I was not really satisfied by the amount i got for that much as well as the type of bud it was.

    So how would I go about buying an O, and how much do they cost for mids? i dont wanna be a dick to the dude because he is coming through for me, but i also dont wanna get ripped off?
  2. I payed 120 for my first O of mids. It just depends on your area but more than 150 is too much.
  3. Prices vary depending on location. Did you buy a scale? I'd wait until I got a scale to buy an oz.
  4. I live in Jersey, and im not really up with the current prices but what would an average price be?
  5. 120 for mids. It'll depend and vary but it shouldnt be too much more than that.
  6. Jersey prices are way ^^^^^^^^^
  7. Well, coming from what I usually see on the site.

    If your paying $60 an eighth, you'll probably pay around $300 for an oz. I'm not to sure of this though, as I don't live anywhere near New Jersey
  8. Quick check, you bought an 1/8 of chronic for $65 right? Not the mids you are asking about?
  9. Hey longbottom you got a price for Florida. I already know what i pay but i wanna see what it says bout florida.

  10. sorry to call you out but your wrong. Jersey prices are low as hell. i could go up there tonight and grab a GOOD O of mids for 80$. you need friends for that though. i dont doubt u could get an O for 100-120 but if u payed 65$ for an eigth of mids u just flat out got robbed.
  11. Damn those prices are INSANE. You should get a scale though or ask to see it on the scale. Just some advice. :cool:
  12. Jesus, you paid thar much, I pay only 80 buck for a ounce of mid or less, anything higher is a rip off, praise AZ
  13. Shit, I used to get smids for 60 a zone back in NC haha.

  14. Yeah an 1/8 for 65$ and just asking for average prices and thanks lbl
  15. Yeah my first O was 120 but i was new and didnt know anyone so thats why it was pricey now i can get it for 80-100 for an O and a gram of some dank with the O of mids.
  16. Well i mean on average they are kinda high. Of course if you have tight connects your gonna get a good deal....$80 a O is really low. Usually even with a good connect its at least $150 an O.
  17. I paid $100 a oz for some mids my first time.

    It was pretty cool because it was harvest season and the weed was really fresh.
  18. Florida Weed Prices -

    There ya go brother. Follow that link and click 'Price Index' on the top to check other states, or provinces for my neighbors to the north (actually the east where I come from).
  19. No offense to some of ya but if your out of state your pricing is rather innocuous. I live in Jersey, about 15 mins from Philly (home of the best team in baseball :wave:). An ounce of mids I can get for 80-100 if i really want it. On average however, 120 is a pretty standard price for mids in jersey. Albeit, you should buy a scale and make sure you see at least 28 grams. You can get one for under 10 bucks. For a ceiling price, dont go over 140, I know some don't have great connecs but if you hear 140 its a guy who gets ounces for 120 and is just trying to make 20 bucks. As a side note, if you can find another buddy or two to throw bills on it, you might be able to get 2 ounces and see a bit of a price break meaning ull both wind up spending less money and still get an ounce. Well thats my 2 cents, be smart and enjoy your buds.

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