About to buy a Vaporizer, final opinions?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Trevor and cory, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Hey, so I am about to buy a vaporizer and just wanted some final opinions. I previously had the Extreme Q Arizer desktop vaporizer and enjoyed it very much but this time around I think I am going to go with a hand held vaporizer for stealth.

    I've had my eye on the Firefly2, it seems like it is one of the best vaporizers for the price-range. In terms of stealth, vapor quality.

    Is there any others I should consider? Or maybe should I not waste $330 on it and just get a MFLB. Thoughts? Thanks.
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    I will only use convection based vapes, so based on that, if I were going to get a pocket friendly portable as my primary vape, I too would lean towards the FF2. If full convection is not that important to you, check out the Arizer Air. And........if you want a portable but not too concerned about it being that pocket friendly, check out the MiniVap and in this same category the Arizer Solo if the Mini is too expensive for you. The S&B Mighty is also a great vape but has a lot more conduction going on (it's a hybrid, as is the Air0, but has the least amount of air restriction going on than any other portable on the market. It's a bit large though.

    Out of all the ones mentioned above, the MiniVap is my favorite. The best tasting portable that I have ever used, and one of the best tasting vaporizers period, even when compared to desktops.
  3. If you want to spend that much, I'd go with Mighty. It is the best vape out there.
  4. Opinion on Mighty vs FF2 Vs Crafty? I've been watching tons of videos and I can't decide.

    I hear the FF2 has the superior vapor quality and taste, and virtually no smell but only viable for solo sessions. I saw that the Mighty is pretty good overall however it isn't on demand and sometimes I just want to take like 1-3 hits or however many I'd like instead of sitting down for a 10 minute session. Also I hear they break down a lot.
  5. Whoever told you that the FF2, or any vaporizer for that matter, has virtually no smell doesn't have a nose. ALL vaporizers smell and the better your herb is, the more it will smell. The more clouds they produce, the more they will smell. But yeah, as compared to combustion, most all vapes smell a whole lot less.

    In regards to comparing the FF2 to the Mighty, you are absolutely correct stating that the Mighty is more of a session vape and the FF2 is not. If you only want to take 1 to 3 hits per session, the FF2 wins that battle by a long shot and this is but only one reason why the poster above your post who stated that the Mighty is the best vape out there is, is.................dead wrong. It may be the best vape out there for HIM, but to state that it would be the best vape for anyone else is pure poppycock.

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