about to begin my grow need advice..

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  1. Ok, i am bout to start a closet grow, 3 plants or so, and i was wondering for the Flowering stage, what kind of bulbs can i use ??

    Now before you say search or something i do know what lights i need but i went to a liquidation store and found the hooded light sockets and found bulbs, (the reason i didnt start growing was because i didnt know how to fix the lights)

    On the box it says.

    NurtureLite 50 watt plant light.
    optimum for flowering and budding plants.

    I have one right now, i was thinking for flowering ither getting a few of these, or get the high pressure sodium 150w bulb they have there, its basicly a growers delight i found every kind of bulb i researched, thursday i am getting 2 more hoods and what should i do, get more of those bulbs and a few CFL for veg stage or get the HPS

    and will the HPS work in the veg stage also..

    Limited budget,

    plan is 3 hoods over 2/3 plants. Each hood having 3 100wats cfl bulbs or upon this thread 1 150W HPS bulb, for veg and flower, then use 3 50 wat bulbs for flower along with the hps, but i dont want to buy the hps bulb if i cant use it for veg and flower.

    chime in with your input and i ll update the best i can, i am in a major rush for as of right now so i cant clean this post up as much as i would like but its pretty str8 forward,

    quick questions.
    Ither use 3 x50 watt plant light bulbs for flowering
    get the HPS 150w bulb for flowering,
    if the hps bulb will work for 3 plants
    if the hps will work some what for veg stage.

    agian thanks i ll update this later if people can be cool about it, and not be dicks and help me out, i plan on starting thursday so from here until then i will be asking alot of questions,

    Legal Evil
  2. Yes, the HPS will work for both veg and flower, its just better suited for flowering. I wouldn't waste money on the 50 watt grow lites, they won't work as well as 6500K CFLs. Just use daylight or bright white CFLs, 100 watt equivalent, usually 23 or 26 watt. I'm not sure about the quality of the 150w HPS you spoke of, I'd have to see it. If its along the same line as those 50w Nurturelights, I'd think twice about it too. You can pick up a decent 250w HPS set-up with the ballast & reflector fairly inexpensively. It would be a good investment in your plants. If not, 6-8 or more CFLs will do the trick for 3-4 plants. You can increase their numbers easily by adding Y splitters that allow you to put two bulbs in one socket. Check out Kamel's CFL thread at the beginning of this forum.
  3. Thanks man, i been reading kamels thread over and over agian.
    Thanks for the tips and advice
    i ll scrap the 50 watt and take a closer look at the HPS maybe a picture,

    i hope you can lend some more info down the road when i pick up the bulbs and when i get them sprouted Lol.

    depending on the hps, does this setup sound alright ?

    3xhood light sockets
    1xhps 150 bulb (veg/flower) (1 hood)
    4x100 w equilent daylight cfl bulbs(veg) (devided between 2 hoods)
    4x100 w Softwhite (flower)
    2x Y spliters (each remaining hood)

    over all plan is now 3 plants under the 5 bulbs (give or take),
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    Hey man, congrats on the new grow. I use a 150w HPS lamp from sun systems that only cost me 69 bucks. I was using CFL's first but then upgraded. Im growing in a cab right now and you should check out my thread. I'm currently into my 8th day of 12/12 and they are starting to show signs of pistils. im sure you can learn a lot from the great advice the peps in GC have given me. Also this is very important, don't do what i did!!! start when you are ready, it is worth the wait! i was impatient and i regret it now. Im growing 3 plants right now too and i wish i would have only done 2, keep space in mind and make sure you have the room. if you let 2 grow a decent size it will still give you a good yeild. good luck and feel free to ask me any questions. Im a newb too but i've learned a great deal since i started my grow. peace.:wave:


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  5. Sounds good so far. The only thing I would suggest is to bump up the number of lights you are using. Especially when using CFLs, you can't have too much light. And if you add a few more Y splitters, it is a piece of cake. The more the merrier!!
  6. Yeah i took a look at the hps lighting at the store and it looked cheaply made. i am thinking about running CFL's for my first set up but how many lights would you recomend for 2 plants, i hear 100w per plant is ideal, I went to lowes yesterday to look at CFLs the 2500 and 6000k bulbs as i plan to run the whole set up off cfls, my only concern is how much the 23 w = 100w lights are they run like 34.99 or i might have read it wrong.

    i am changed my plans to 2 hoods with 2 Y splitters for 4 CFLs in total, i havnt picked up the cfls yet because i forgot my list i made at home and i figure i am going to have to do some more research from here until thursday. thanks for your help,

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