? about swag

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  1. is swag the result of the grower breeding there weed

    if it is then bagseeds can be really good weed

    has any one ever tried to breed weed for seeds
  2. i'm sure thousands have breeded, whether they meant to or not.

    shwag is either outdoor grown brick or just a grow gone wrong.

    but i've seen some nice plants come from bagseed. you never know the genetics your going to get in a bag of shwag
  3. Sounds like a Dr. Seuss poem you got goin' in here!
  4. do you think that any one think that you could get good genitics from a bagseed
  5. some body here on the forums got some nice frosty buds growing from bag seed.
  6. Yes, of course. Bag seed could be anything. You most likely never saw the nice buds on the plant that it came from. You're getting compressed seedy nugs, but the plants themselves could have been very nice. There's no way to know. However, no matter what the genetics are, when you grow them out they will most likely be more potent than the nugs you smoked that you got the seeds from, because when you don't allow female plants to catch any pollen from the male plants they continue producing resin (and thc) attempting to become more sticky to catch any pollen around. All of the plant's energy goes into this, where normally if it was pollinated a lot of the energy would go into producing seeds. Basically, yes it is possible that bagseed can have good genetics and be better than anything you've ever smoked. If you get some bagseed sprouts, don't toss them. Go for it.
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  7. p.s. I've currently got 6 bag seed plants growing. I've ordered some specific strain seeds from seed banks online too, but I am going to give the bag seed plants just as much attention as the others.

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