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  1. Ok well i read a lot of stories about people on this forum. I dont really post much i have my moments like today i feel like posting but n e ways

    Like i was saying as i read a lot of stories about people on here most of ya'll always get robbed or pushed around by other people why is that???? Like most(not all) stories involve u getting ur ass whipped or robbed or ur scared about something not to be mean but man most of yall need to stand up for yourself take boxing classes or something because yall need to stop being pushing around like i dont put up with that i wish i knew some of yall in person i would help yall stand up for urself and not takle shit from no one

    well just wanted to get that off my chest but real talk stand up for urself!!!!

    p.s. when ur going to pick up green have the green in ur hands befor u show the money no matter what dont be a dick head
  2. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
  3. well might aswell fit in with the cool people on here, I BET YOUR NOT 18 and i smell bull shit on your story op by the way PICS OR IT DIDNT HAPPEN RAWRR Look at me guys im so cool im doing my part on this forum:rolleyes:
  4. OP is right, I wish I was'nt such a pussy. :(

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    Well obviously people are going to post extreme stories like that here. Thats all you see because what else would you expect people to spend the time to write a thread about.

    "Today I went to my dealers house and got some weed. Nothing exciting happened and now I'm home smoking the weed.


    People make threads in the RL section when crazy shit happens. Nobody wants to read boring shit. But maybe you do....

  6. 2 Kinds of weed smokers....Loner weak stoners and everyone else who just smokes weed I wonder which ones are posting xD
  7. You?

  8. Because a bag of weed is totally worth getting shot over.
  9. Lol take boxing lessons... Do you think boxing lessons count for shit in a brawl?


    Also not capitalizing 'i' and using 'u', 'ur' and 'urself' makes you look special.

  10. qft. im a black belt (honestly, not tryin to stroke my e-dick) and fights never go the way you want. you think boxing helps you on the ground? (which is where most fights end up)
  11. It's funny when I hear about these kids getting robbed or shorthanded with weed. You really can't complain (and when you do you sound like a bitch) because who put you in that situation? I've never been robbed or shorthanded in my 12+ years of smoking, because I just don't situate myself with wannabe gangsters and the like, and I never buy weed without a good inspection, and never front money for them to get it, I'll wait or just not smoke.

    Birds of a feather flock together.

  12. Yeah I've taken some lessons, it's better to walk away. Put it this way, if you were a dick and was trying to punk someone, and they simply walked away, you failed at punking someone. If they do attack you, that's where your training will come in handy. Grappling FTW, boxing does improve striking, believe me, a good jab does end a fight a lot of the times. One dazy look from the opponent and it's over.
  13. It's because the people who aren't getting robbed, or maimed don't feel the need to post about stuff when they can handle it. Easy enough to understand right?
  14. I'm proud to say that I have never been successfully robbed.

    Despite many attempts.
  15. Howcome I am the only one who think the OP has some legit shit to share...bad energy in this thread, I will be on my way :hide:

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