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  1. I have these under florescent tubes to get started how long should i wait to put em under my 400 watt metal halide? I popped em 6/22/19 for anyone that followed my other thread with the mutated seedling this is same batch

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  2. Indoor is not my forte, but you can choose to veg them for however long you want until you want to flower them and change light cycles. All depends on how big you want them. I think I would want smaller plants, like maybe 2-3 feet tall? 1 month? 2 months? 3 months?
  3. Yeah i know that i ment how long should i wait before i put them under high intensity discharge lights. Iv been told seedlings dont need hid lights in the begining is why im waitin. My last batch i vegged for 60 days then switched em to flower and that worked out nicly
  4. I used cfl lights for the first 30 days then i aquired a 400 watt hid mh and hps balast and reflector fixture it was my first grow really didnt know what i was doin at all the first few weeks but got lucky
  5. Yeah seedlings and clones I would use florescent. Or if under a HID, at the edges of the growroom so not intense. Clones and seedlings don't need a lot of high intensity light starting out...BUT..what me personally what I wouldn't do, is put them under a HID too soon. I would wait at least a couple weeks before doing it. So, I'm going to say as soon as a couple weeks? Just make sure lights not too close at first.Don't want to burn them. I'm sure others more knowledgeable in this arena will chime in on their times if any. Some might just stick em under.I'll be following this thread too, since I'm curious.
  6. At home I use 2' X 2 T5HO 15000K @ 4" from the time they go into the solo cups until day 21. Then I up pot them to 1.5 gallon nursery pots before throwing them in what I call my pre-veg room, its has a 400W MH 7500K that I only run @ 50% 200W @ 18". They sit in there until day 35 and then I up pot them again before throwing them into my veg room. In that room I use 1 or 2 FOTOP v3 800 (h series) depending on the tent size I am using and I run them under that light at 50% 16/8. I like to go real easy on my babies all through veg. Yeah, the plants at first seem to grow more slowly that way, but by giving them a little more sleep each day it allows their root system to develop more rapidly, so while they do start a little slower that way, spending more time on growth under the soil, they always seem to explode in growth at around day 33. I usually veg for 63 - 70 days, increasing my lighting a little bit each week, working up to 100% about a week before I will actually flip them ...
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  7. That makes alot of sense i will def try that out but this batch i gotta get vegged asap because there going to be moved into a building without heat i cant grow mature plants in my closet cuz they stink up the house just seedlings and fall is coming soon im just hoping to get a bit more to suplement what end up with outa my last batch that are in flower right now to get me thru winter. Im really not familiar wit t5s im just using regular old tubes u would have in your gagrage. My others that i had under 6 cfls for 30 days went strait from that to 400watt mh at 100% power at 24 inches and they took off like a rocket after that and didnt burn but i was also tak i ng them outside to soak up the natural sun as much as i could while i had the cfls on em so that prolly why they handled that light swap so well
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    20190519_183340(2).jpg 20190522_110549.jpg This new batch im keepin small ill prolly start fl9weri ng them when they get about 8 inch to a foot tall and scrog them. Heres the others the day i put em under the mh..

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