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  1. ok so i have about a 50x30 inch space. i have decently powerful fan venting the area (its lowest speed creates a pretty good draft thru the space) would MH/HPS create too much heat? the 50x30 space is encloses by a larger area. this surrounding area will have no AC in summer. can any experienced growers determine if this area will be too hot?
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    have i look at cooltubes man i use cfls in a similar space but you can use hps or mh with a cool tube available on ebay ,basically you fix your fan to a cool tube that houses your lamp and air is sucked over your lamp through the tube which keeps it cool and also enables you to place your lamp closer to your plants in not sure but i wouldnt go above 400 watts in that space........on the subject of lamps i just got a security lamp 250 watt hps with a built in ballast to suppliment cfls lol anybody know what sise fuse i should use to plug into domestic socket?.......jmfe1 how are you helping here man? if you have nuffin to say then say nuffin...just refer the guy to where his question was previosly answerd and i do take your infered point that peaople dont search enough before asking questions aswell as asking the same ones twice or more but its nice to be nice.
  4. well it depends on what size the area is that the box is in.

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