About how much do you smoke in a typical day?

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  1. I usually smoke throughout the day, and the magic number seems to be 1 gram. I just periodically pack little bowls throughout the day and a gram seems to be a good amount.
  2. [quote name='"Goggalor"']I usually smoke throughout the day, and the magic number seems to be 1 gram. I just periodically pack little bowls throughout the day and a gram seems to be a good amount.[/quote]

    Same es you
    24/7 virtually
  3. Well with my current student budget I get like 2gs to an eighth and it usually lasts like 4-6 days. I smoke before I go to school, and when I get home I smoke like two bowls till bedtime.

    Idk, I would guess and say .20-.25 of a g goes into my bowl, so .60-.75 of a G a day for me.
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    The funny part of all this is, hearing the young ones boast about how much weed they need to smoke to get 'HIGH' !

    I always say: "If the marijuana is good, one or two tokes is all you need"

    Take in consideration, that a 24/7 smoker is saying this. Not a young one that smoke whenever he got $5 to spare.

  5. 1 blunt or 2 small joint-.5 grams of og then ima good for the whole day lol, but my friend smoke like 4+ gram a day

  6. I use to be like that. I needed so much to get high when I was younger. Now that I've met older folk who've introduced me to the real stuff, I only need a single toke to lay back and relax :D
  7. home pretty much all day everyday im averaging a G a day which is twice what i want to smoke... but when you start the day off with a 2 bowl wake n bake...

  8. ... man that seems to happen a lot. Everytime I wake and bake, which is all the time, I blaze too much weed that day, hahah.
  9. .5 to 1.0 grams
  10. Even the "real" stuff barely gets me buzzed anymore. I need to move to concentrates.

  11. You sir, do not need weed, you need a break !
  12. I'd estimate like .5 - .75 if i'm alone. If im over a friends though it could easily be an eigth a night
  13. I use to smoke alittle but ever since I moved out I smoke at least every half an hour , sometimes I notice I'm 5gs short Ahaha
  14. A few hits a night.

    Just got off a t-break. So one hit (good stuff) will get me good. Another hit an hour later, or whenever. In a few weeks I may be up to a bowl or 2-3 hits at a time or something. My tolerance builds slowly. I like that.
  15. I took a 4 month break one time, and my tolerance did get lower, but I was still up to a gram a day again in like a week.
  16. My dear stoner forum friend. Based on your posts and your own experience with marijuana. I regret to inform you that your body chemistry might be out of this world. Please don't try harder drugs. Find a hobby ! :laughing:

    I have been smoking 24/7 for the past 4 years. I'm 6'1 and weight 225 lbs. I just smoke Top Grade Marijuana. I use no less than a Gram and no more than 1.5g if I vape and do One Hit tokes during the day and it feels almost the same, when I smoke a blunt of the same strain. But that's me and my body chemistry, right !

    AT this point, I don't know what to recommend you, that you haven't try it, yet !
  17. 4 joints on weekdays
    5-6 on weekend
  18. .5 a day, but every couple of weeks i take a nice T-Break
  19. I think I'd probably get baked off of top-shelf from a vape. It's just the mental control that comes with experience that seems to make me not as high I think.

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