about how many grams do i need......

Discussion in 'General' started by Camps, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. alright i need to know im leaving to orlando in about a week im from miami and i was wondering about how many grams do you think it would take to roll about 12-13 blunts curious i need to kno how much to get imma be there 2 days so i need lots of bud planing on having a great time so help me out how many grams would it take to get that
  2. Anywhere from like 15 grams to 30grams. It depends how big you roll your blunts
  3. 12-13blunts for 2 days:eek: .... some poop or good shit??? id say just buy some dank and bring it and roll like 10 jays or pack some bowls

    also different bud is different, depending if its wet, how many seeds are in it, etc but id say about 30gs of shwag would doit (just guessing but thinkin ur talkin about shwag)
  4. FAT Blunts: 3.5g x 13 = 45.5g (Roughly 1.5 ounces)
    Blunts: 2 x 13g = 26g (Almost an ounce)

    Get an ounce and you'll probably be good.
  5. naw dude i dont smoke poop i havent n i wont imma get some panama red prolly for this little trip n ill prolly end up taking bout a ounce i should be good with that
  6. Well than an ounce of dank is plenty to roll 13 blunts
  7. What kinda prices you getin in Miami?
  8. an O bag of 28g and ur all set my friend
  9. ya u can EASILY get 13 blunts out of 28grams of cured sensimilla buds honestly if i had to guess id say u could get like 18
  10. ya dude ull b fine w/ a zip like my friends rolled like 25 fat Js out of a zip so u should b fine w/ blunts

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