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  1. ok so ive takin 7 hits in the past 10 days.do you think it would be ok to trip again next friday or do you think i should chill for a while.idk im new to tripping on cid and dont know everything yet and i dont wanna fuck myslef up if you kno wwhat i mean.i didnt really know where else to ask so yeah thanks guys.:wave:
  2. nope, your legally insane now :p .

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  3. hahaha naw im not lol.move it if you have to i guess.i mean this is a life expierince.....kinda
  4. oh ok thanks guys ill do that:)soorry for psotin in the wrong spot.
  5. Well if Grace Slick did it everyday of her music career in greater doses than we take now and shes okay I say just take all the acid you can get
  6. I think the problem you'll run into is mostly if you have picked up a tolerance over the last 10 days and you might feel like the trip is weak and you will need to up the dose to get to where you want. I wouldn't worry about it.
  7. Wait a week or two.
  8. Wait 4-5 days and you'll be fine. You don't need to wait a full week or two full weeks. Tolerance is gone after 5 days or so.
  9. The question here isn't about tolerance, too much LSD in such a short amount of time can't be good for your sanity. You don't want to develop schizophrenia.

  10. how come people who did it in the 60's and 70's came out okay (besides making their kids fucked up by telling them not to do drugs while they did them more than any other generation in history)

    actually now that I think about it you're right.

  11. Syd Barrett. Perfect example.

  12. Or not.

    Do you have evidence that none of us do that it was LSD that contributed to his mental health problems and not pre-existing conditions?

  13. No I don't. Everyware I read thinks/said it's because heavy LSD use. It makes sense to me. Whether or not that's true I don't know but it's what I believe happend to him.
  14. i mean theres gonna be no health problems or anything...but ur tolerance is high...to optomal tripping i would wait at least 10 days just cuz u have done so much recently...normally iwait at least a week inbetween trips (thats when i can actually find acid)
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    syd barrett did a SHITLOAD of LSD...way more than 10 hits in 7 days...he is not a poerfect example cuz he abused the fuck outta the drug (and others)...at one point in his life he was tripping for 3 straight months without even knowing it...thats how much acid he did...ive read a couple of books on him and some shit he did was just fucking crazy lol

    during live shows he used to just sit down and fuck around and tune hiis guoitar the whole time tripping the fuick out...while the rest of the band watched him in disbelief cuz he was supposed to be playing...look at some lyrics in piper at the gates of dawn album...said some fucked up stuff

  16. dude syd barret had underlying mental problems.

  17. can u back that up with evidence...cuz idk if he did...i just know hhe did way too much acid...waaayyyyy toooo much

  18. Oh no I am not saying the OP will go insane from this much. It's still not good to do it more than once or twice a month IMO. Does this mean I'm right? No. Go ahead do it again on Saturday OP. I wouldn't recommend it though.

  19. lol i know...im just talking about syd in that post...but seriously u can do a lot of acid before u start to have mental problems (assuming u had no underlying problems)...7 hits in 10 days is nothing...acid is an extremely safe drug

    the only reason i wouldnt recommend it is cuz of his high tolerance to lsd cuz hes tripped this week

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