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  1. Got a nice UK Cheese plant budding outdoor it's my very first time with cannabis outside. Was wondering, is it better to follow the sun moving the plant (its in a pot) or to let her the fuck alone so it is not stressed? Also, bugs seems to love to hide in the forming flower. Is it usefull to remove them? Am i hurting the flower digging into them to remove bugs? They are not eating they're just hiding there I think.
  2. Shouldn’t be a problem. There are som bad insects like spider mites tho.

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  3. pretty sure they are tarnished plant bug now. every day their is one or two on main bud sites. I red they are sensitive to smell. Would you spray them they are far away only bud sets?
  4. Like...............as in.................going out there every few hours and moving it into the sun.........or just putting it in one spot and letting it be?????

    I mean........if THAT IS what you were talking about......moving it every few hours might actually benefit the plant.........but not enough to actually do it.....find where the sun is at it's best consistency.....and let it ride.
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  5. I can't answer your question -- I'm new to outdoor growing myself -- but I have to say I've never heard about any beneficial or neutral bugs in relation to cannabis. Usually "I have X", is followed by "I'm gonna nuke the bastards!":p

    I hope one of the gardening gurus here will chime in. Should be interesting. :)
  6. thanks everyone.

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