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  1. I\"m just wondering who here at the city is for and against it?
    I, myself, am against it. If i were to get my girlfriend pregnant i would go ahead and have the baby. I feel once the baby has entered the womb its already a human being.

    How do you guys feel about this?
  2. This is my two cents worth..

    I feel the only time abortion should be thought of, is if the pregnancy of the woman could harm her or the baby would have serious problems..

    I\'ll post more later..

    Late for work!
  3. if you can\'t take that responsibilty when you fuck you shouldn\'t be fucking at all..
  4. Her body, she can do what she wants.
  5. The major problem with abortion is people use it as a form of birth control. Basically, Im for it, but, under a case by case evaluation for every woman that needs to have it. We dont have any sort of screening as far as I know to prevent the abuse of it. I agree with BH, under those circumstances, and rape.
  6. l personally don,t agree with it unless there are genuine reasons .

    But it is the womens choice .
  7. I think there are some cases in which it can be ok. I know if I were to ever get someone pregnant unexpectedly I would want them to have the child.
  8. Personally, as a man, I don\'t think I
    should have any say unless it\'s my
    baby. And even then, it\'s still the
    woman\'s choice.

    I don\'t believe in any restriction on

    And as for abortion as birth control, I
    want abortion used as birth control.
    Anything to get the world population
    down to survivable levels. We are
    literally drowning in our own shit, people.

    End rant. :)

  9. how IRRESPONSIBLE. this makes me sick to think that you would support that! People need to take some fucking responsibility! like stoned_soldier said, if you can\'t take that responsibilty when you fuck you shouldn\'t be fucking at all..
    we dont solve problems by KILLING.
  10. The rest of my thoughts...

    A child who doesn\'t realise what she has done until it\'s too late............ I\'m not saying it\'s just one, but that the female child is the one who has to give birth..... should be able to have an abortion when no one else can care for it..

    I am pro choice to a limit...

    abortion as birth control??? Fuck no!!!
    Abortion to women who don\'t want a child getting in the way of their carear (sp) fuck no...
    Abortion should be the only last thought..
    If you don\'t want a child, be responsible and don\'t get pregnant!

    Rape victims should have a choice..

    I could write a page on this.. No need really though.. Morals should be enough for some one to make the right choice..

    Another thought...
    Having a child because some one says that there are many good people that would adopt or raise the child, its NOT a good reason not to have an abortion!!!!

    Only about half of those kids don\'t get raped, physically abused, or just get messed up in the growth..

  11. I agree.

    There are multiple forms of birth control that people can use.

    Abortion is not one of them.

    People cannot kill unborn children because they \"made a mistake\", would have to stop working, whatever. Irresponsibility is no excuse.

    There are certain circumstances, such as those that Bud Head mentioned, that would need to be taken into account before allowing/denying an abortion.

    Prevention is the best solution; if more people avoided pregnancies with contraceptives, then there would be very little need for abortion.
  12. 30 seconds worth of prevention could save many years of regret!!
  13. What if doctors could perform a procedure at birth no more complicated than a circumcision that would prevent pregnancy until the woman wanted it reversed? I don\'t believe such an operation exists but it would be a viable way to solve the abortion problem, the only problem is that it wouldn\'t really be right to force people to get the procedure.
  14. As for screening, most states require counseling and a waiting period before they do them.

    Not having a uterus pretty much excludes me, or any other man IMO, from having the right to decide what is right or wrong for someone who does have one. Having said that..........

    I do feel it should be used when the mother is HIV positive or a crack, heroin, meth etc......addict. Most children have enough trouble in life without being born addicted, and having a mother who\'s priority is getting the next fix, not taking care of a kid. I think \"pro-lifers\" should have to adopt crack baby\'s.

    Besides hookers and maybe some of the above mentioned people, I really don\'t think it\'s being used much as birth control \"after the fact\". Every woman I\'ve spoken to who has had one said they would never do it again. The physical and emotional trauma during and after the procedure is quite profound and probably not taken lightly by any \" reasonable\" woman.

    P.S. I realize women with HIV aren\'t the same as addicts, in that many of them were infected by unfaithful husbands etc., but why bring a child into the world who already has a terminal disease? Of course in a perfect world an HIV infected woman would never let herself become pregnant, and every child would be born into loving families, unfortunately we aren\'t living in a perfect world.

  15. If insurance would pick up the tab for
    birth control, a lot of the women who
    have abortions wouldn\'t need them.

    Also, congress and the FDA are
    blocking the morning after pill from
    being over the counter. I really don\'t
    see the sense in this.

    Anyway, I\'m gonna shut up now, as
    this is a very divisive subject.
  16. I\'m pro choice, but not for the common reasons. My philosophy is this: There are a lot of fucked up children in this world. Many of them come from being abused, ignored, or just plain unwanted. While the abortion issue has nothing to do with abuse it has a lot to do with being unwanted and ignored. If a couple truely doesn\'t want kids is it fair to that child to grow up unwanted? Is it fair for them to have to suffer a life with bad parents? Say what you want but those who have \"accidents\" are almost always bad parents, and most(not all) children who have bad parents grow up fucked up in the head. Without abortion we\'d have much more deranged children running around.

    Plus, women are going to get abortions anyway, whether it legal or not. Try to think of it like weed, it\'s illegal status hasn\'t stopped any of us from smoking, and banning abortions won\'t stop women from getting them. Remember, abortion used to be illegal and many women died painful deaths because of it. They would get the procedure done with unsterilized equipment from some back ally doctor or even worse use a coat hanger on themselves.

    On the surface abortion seems cruel but deep down we need abortion. It\'s sick, it\'s inhumane, but it has the potential to be effective. Think about how much better the world would be if a higher percentage of children grew up with loving parents. People should not have kids until they are ready, not for themselves, but for the child\'s life. Is it their fault if the woman gets pregnant? Absolutely. But should the child suffer because of their mistake? To me forcing a child to grow up unwanted is much more cruel than aborting the fetus.

    Besides, it\'s not like the fetus knows what is going on. Think back, can you remember before you were born? Hell I can barely remember when I was 5, nevermind when I was a fetus. They may feel pain, but what is pain if you can\'t acknowlege or remember it? Without a memory nothing really exists. There is no life for a fetus, they have no concept of what living is. At that point they are nothing more than genetic code and are still in the building process. You aren\'t hurting anybody with abortion, but you are hurting the lives of innocent children by forcing them to grow up in a broken home.

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