Aborting children with disabilities

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  1. Do you think parents who find out their child is going to be born with down syndrome or mental retardation are morally justified in aborting their child? I fully support it, because although this is a touchy subject that people try to dance around, caring for a disabled child takes a MASSIVE economic, emotional, and social toll on the family, and the simply fact is that most parents don't want to carry that burden. All parents with kids born with autism or down syndrome claim that their child is the best thing that ever happened to them, or if they had a chance to cure them, they wouldn't have done it, but I'm sure a good chunk of them really do have regrets but they're too ashamed to admit it.
  2. Yep. My mom told me she would have aborted me if I tested positive for a mental disability like down syndrome.
  3. I believe that is wrong to not abort a fetus that has been determined to have downs syndrome, or any other profound disability.

  4. Yet another intelligent comment from garrison today, keep it up bud. :smoke:
  5. How do you know the kid won't be happy, though? You'd murder him because he's too much of a burden?

    Just playing devil's advocate here, I wouldn't want a retard kid either.

  6. To not have an abortion, and give birth to a baby with half the average intelligence, as well as many other physical problems, is wrong - for the child, it's family and society. Women who give birth to retarded children are often past their prime childbearing years, and should have been aware of the risks involved.
  7. I think they should be aborted

    But I'm pro choice regardless so my opinion doesn't count
  8. So it's wrong for a woman to feel sick about it and not have the will to kill her unborn baby? Really?
    For someone who isn't a woman, you sure are judgmental of them.
  9. It's not wrong for her to feel bad about having an abortion, that's normal.

    To have a baby that will be disabled, in spite of the extreme hardships that it will have to endure in it's short life, in order for the mother to not "feel sick" about aborting it, is selfish and inhumane.
  10. Seconded.

    Especially true if there are already other children in the family. Disabled children are a strain on resources and parental attention and the rest of the children suffer.

    I've seen too many people grow up neglected, stressed-out, and maladjusted because their parents chose to have a disabled child that sucks up all their time and energy for nothing, and wound up leaving a healthy child to raise themselves in a toxic environment.
  11. Isnt there a word for this? Eugenics I believe?
  12. Abortion is ok with me for ANY reason and for NO reason. Not wanting a child is reason enough for abortion. Anything else is a red herring and not worthy of consideration.

  13. Godwin's law.
  14. I think it's cruel to send them to regular public schools. Kids are mean.
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  16. Despite if I care about it or not, I have no say with what someone does with their body for I am a victem of my body being regulated through unnatural laws such as smoking marijuana.
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    I can say, from experience, it is absolutely wrong to abort a child who is believed to have a disability or there are potential complications. The doctors told my parents that I probably had down's syndrome. My parents eventually chose not to abort me but the reality is, a lot of time it's speculation and, as with the death penalty, it shouldn't even be considered unless there is 100% certainty and even then, it's questionable (aborting children with disabilities, not the death penalty).
  18. I couldn't do it if my kid was retarded, I just couldn't.

    I wouldnt work hard from all the stress, I couldn't face the problem, I couldn't live the rest of my life the way I wanted to and have an actual child.

    I think all retards and possibly even the homeless who don't work should be mulched up into dog food.
  19. How about we include people with horrible ideas? To make sure the dogs have a little more variety.

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