Abolish the Stop Sign!

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  1. Why does the Government have the right to tell me how I can operate my vehicle?

    If the Government can tell me where I must stop and how fast I must drive, does that mean the Government owns my car? What about private ownership? I have a job and I worked to buy that car, I should be able to do whatever I want with it.

    If the founding fathers had wanted the Government to tell me where and how I can drive, they would have spelled it out. They got by without stop signs or speed limits and back then. Literally nobody died in a car crash in 1776. Not one single person.

    If we went back to that system, quickly some people would figure out how to avoid accidents or how to minimize damage in an accident. And the rest of the people will fall by the wayside. Deserved so.

    It's not right to make me stop, just to protect someone else.

    And if we had no stop signs, imagine the industry that would spring up. High speed crash bumpers, trucks that just drive over the guy coming the other way that's not going to stop.

    The Government has the monopoly on speed limits and stops signs so that they can punish "Big Bumper".

    What's next? They'll try to tell me who I can and cannot marry?

    Incremental Totalitarianism I tell you.
  2. Well you should know that it would not work out if they didn't have laws against speeding. It could work out eventually if somehow we could slowly change are traffic laws so that we could drive more freely. But you can't just abolish laws like that so quickly.

    Even though i agree we should have the right to drive how we want and have more freedom, i fully understand the reasoning for certain traffic laws to be in place. Maybe your not a lunatic driver, but some people are and its fucking dangerous.

    Also the constitution says that we should be able to do whatever we want in following our own pursuit of happiness UNLESS it gets in the way of someone elses pursuit of happiness.
  3. lol @ people who think Government is good.

  4. What's funny about your post (I know you're just mocking classical liberals) is that they actually tried this in Holland, and it worked.

    Spontaneous Order

  5. lol @ people who think government is bad (lol @ anarchists). our government sucks, but that's because it's so big. if it wasn't so big it wouldn't be so oppressive and dictatorial. there needs to be some kind of structure in order to have anything worthy of being called society.

  6. Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one. -T.Paine

    The government sucks so hard at everything they do, you don't need to be an anarchist to see that.
  7. This is why we can't have nice things.

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  9. satire (n.) - the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.

  10. Way to ignore the rest of my post :rolleyes:
  11. Tell you what. Find me a Government (Out of the tens of thousands that have existed) that have ever 'got it right', and haven't abused their power, trended towards corruption, murder, war, etc., and I'll paypal you $50.

    Hint: You can't. Every single Government, and form of Government in history has committed various crimes and has actively worked against the interest of their people. You know, I used to be a 'small government' conservative, too, then I grew a brain, and realized that Governments are inherently evil, and that man is inherently virtuous, and that the Government is not needed.

    Governments, no matter the circumstances (Large, small, rich, poor, etc.) have always been bad. The problem with Governments is not how big or small they are, it's the underlying philosophy that's the problem. People think that human beings are inherently flawed, and they need an overbearing power to keep them in check. I, on the other hand, believe that people who seek their own self-interests on their own will and free association don't need a Government to tell them they're not behaving correctly. If you understand psychology (no, not that shit they teach in liberal arts colleges, REAL psychology) you'll understand this concept. Since you're so quick to compartmentalize and resort to ad homs, I'm pretty sure the extent of your political theory capacity is reduced to a simplistic left vs. right paradigm. Lol @ people in the intellectual womb.

  12. hippie communes :devious:
    now give me mah mutha f*ckin check:D
  13. Please disregard the following as my wake and bake went awfully well this morning.

    There's like a huge problem with your analogy man. Like when you're in a car and you're like trying to communicate with other cars, all you can do is like honk or give the finger or something. In political discourse and enforcing policy, like, not only can we honk and give the finger, but we can like also yell obscenities within arm's length of each other and show our emotions on like a more personal level. Your analogy like totally disregards logistical factors. Like. :D
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    Seriously man? They're protecting you as much as they're protecting the other guy who's blowing through the intersection. The government needs its people so it likes to protect them, easy as pie. If we take off stop signs, even if we use those yield if others are there signs, fatalities would skyrocket again...

    The government does not obviously own your car... Speed limits exist to protect occupants and reduce fatalities. Do you understand money? It costs money to clean up after you spill your guts over the side of the road. No one has enough money to pay for a few thousand accidents every day. Oh don't get me started on the insurance premiums...There is no amount of technological innovation that is going to stop fatalities within a few generations so if that is your plan, it failed.

    The founding fathers did not have automobiles. They did not understand the concept of a vehicle going much faster than a horse and buggy? I really hope this is a joke...

    I hope this was your attempt at satire but if not, just another case of ignorant America. Careful buddy, you entire life is a government set-up. They just want you to die so they can steal your money. Fuck that, die now so they can't achieve their goal! JOIN ME!

    In any case I smell troll.

  15. I don't know what this thread is about, but I don't trust the government.

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