ABCnews poll on Legalization

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by BlueBerrySmoke, Sep 8, 2001.

  1. ABC News poll - Legalize Marijuana?

    If you look on the right, you'll find a poll about Marijuana. It is up to about 80% in favor of legalization!!

    Go and vote!
  2. its now a cloning vote. :(

    but if it hit 80% thats gotta be good! :)

    I voted a while back and put up many posts informing people about it on the Overgrow forums. But that was before i found this wonderfull place :)

  3. i voted no just to piss you off! jk, im not that stupid. or am i???????? ;)
  4. I voted yes.

    Now my IP Address is probably on another DEA list.:):eek::)

  5. Maybe I'm stupid, but I only see a poll about cloning.
  6. Yeah sorry, they changed the damn thing. Now all you can do is look at the outcome. It is about 80% in favor of legalization. They just didnt do it long enough, only some 30,000 got to vote.
  7. What to hell........I voted "NO CLONING AROUND"



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