Abc turns programming over to obama; news to be anchored from inside white house

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  2. :eek:

    State run media?

    Not even Fox News did this the last 8 years.

    I thought the Dems wanted fairness in the airwaves? Oh I see, only when it favors them on talk radio. :rolleyes:
  3. What a bunch of BS. What a bunch of crap.

    The media would love to help Obama push this universal health care crap on us in spite of the fact that doctors and most of the public are against it.

    The big problem is that we can NOT afford it.

    How would you like for Obama to force you to take out a 2.5 million dollar loan to have a pool put in the back yard of some politicians summer home?
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    You guys know this has been happening for decades, every state of the union the government and media merge into one, hows that for fairness???????????????????\

    Seriously guys, this is not a big deal. The fact that you obtained the article from the drudge report is a red flag already. The fact that half of this article is spin from the Republican Party complaining about how they can't shoot down the President's health care ideas should make you cautious about taking the article as fact.

    I guess CNN is also state run media for that online town hall they held a few months back. And every other 24 hour news channel whenever they show white house press briefings or hand over the camera to the president for the state of the union.

    And think about it for one second maxrule. What is the financial incentives behind ABC, CBS, etc in helping Obama push through universal health care? If the government ran health care nobody would be able to make a fortune in medicine like they do now (maybe that's why maxwell's doctors and the AMA are against universal health care), if anything they would be all out opposed to universal health care because they'd be losing a big chunk of cash.

    I don't know why I visit this forum anymore, everyone sees a conspiracy where there isn't and you guys can't distinguish opinion and fact based journalism.
  5. people, I give you Democracy in action!................well if that's the Democracy that Americas trying to sell to the world, then you can keep it............Peace out.........Sid
  6. No, we should encourage debate about the issues on news programs but no everyone has to push their own agenda to increase their ratings.
  7. Maybe you should think about it.

    Right now we have a corporate health care system forced on us... by the state. Nixon got us in bed with big insurance and medical providers and gave them plenty of perks and monopoly status over the industry. We have insane liabilities on doctors end, and mandated health insurance on the consumer end. Free-market health care would be a lot cheaper than what we have now because the providers would have to compete for consumers, wheras now the consumers are forced to purchase, and medical providers can charge absurd rates to the third party payer.

    If Obama's plan comes to fruition the existing corporations will still run the show, they will just have less interference from consumers and only have to serve the will of politicians... and whos will does the politician most often serve?

    Corporate media works for the state because the state works for the corporatocracy, it is a symbiotic relationship.

    America's health plan will always be run by the corporations in place, they have too much power over our government. The only thing that can change is the level of monopoly privilege the state will grant them.

  8. Losing it to whom? To Obama and the federal government of course.:rolleyes:

    Why would you want to transfer huge wealth from private hands to the federal government unless you were a SOCIALIST?

    This is not about ratings or money for the ABC. The media is pushing government propaganda to convince the public to accept and in fact desire this massive transfer of wealth which weakens the public and strengthens Obama.

    Typical. :rolleyes:
  9. Government and the media becoming one?

    Oh shit.
  10. Whose the anointed one naming information czar?

  11. I hear that his first choice for the position is currently unavailable.

  12. Heres his second choice.

  13. I think it's time for a revolution! :p
  14. Budda, the Thought Police are a secret organization, we will never know who their "czar" is. ;)
  15. yes!!

  16. more like:

    "THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT alone will select those who will be in the audience asking questions of the president. Like any programs we broadcast, THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT will have complete editorial control. To suggest otherwise is quite unfair to both our journalists and our audience."
  17. They have been working on this for a while. I'd expect to see something similar from other networks like CNN and NBC.

    Power, politics, gossip on daily call - John F. Harris -

    Naaaaa, there is no liberal domination of our media. Not at all.
  18. Hey, here's a great way to protest, if you aren't too scared of the repercussions...

    Don't watch the program!

    Shhhhhh, don't tell them I told you this, or I'll be hauled off and forced to watch Bill O'Reilly's dressing room webcam, where he's just polishing up his dickhead...oh, wait, that's his nose...Oh, wait, that's Rush Limbaugh!:D
  19. It's gonna get wild at the G-20 in the burgh

  20. i'll be the first one with ya, man. :)

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