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aargh! toomuchtoomuch!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Aug 30, 2003.

  1. no fair no fair!

    being the hardcore blade that i am (bested these past couple days perhaps only by obliviot, if we're measureing by post counts) i like to stay ontop of everything thats going on at the city... i went away to the pub and then went for a smoking session somewheres (ahhh, it almost felt like being a nomadic wandering first year student again crashing parties where you know no one yet get along well with them all anyways through the power of weed) and then went to sleep,... and now... AAARGH! too much to keep up with! stop posting you bastards! i cant keep up... tooo much to read! lol
  2. LOL its okay digiT!!! good to see your out and about ;) I get behind somedays and I feel like the world is revoloving and I forget to click into my gravity boots. :)
  3. so you got to toke up digit? awesome.
  4. i did indeed. :) still got some. hope to have some whenever i want now. its the stuff often refered to as "Kak!" but right now its better than nothing.
  5. i keep waiting for your AV to move:p
  6. great to here you finally got some buds digit!! hope you were nice and haamf'd.

    hahhaha kak. digit hooted the kak :p
  7. I hope the city never gets nearly as big as overgrow or forums like that. I just dont think the connection with everyone isnt as tight as us! I say CLOSE registering, and only have guests post shit! arrggghhh!

  8. no way... and miss out on the potential oppertunities to meet another hundred ganjamoms or gri77ons who are out there but have yet to find the city... no way... i wouldnt want to miss that oppertunity.

    hj, my av may yet move some time. ;)

  9. Shhhh... no it won't...there's only one frame ;)
  10. .... lost a post and forgot what i was gonna say. normally that really bugs me, but not today. :) i got stoned and i have bigger worries. ... and with every post it seems like gri77on enlarges my mind, helps me find the balance i seek.
  11. woha ..

    That felt *really good*

  12. i certainly feel lost..... i've lost a major amount of my whoredom these last two weeks.....

    im lucky if i can even get a few posts on the city a day.... if i even get on at all....

    only because something just as good has snagged my attention latly....:)
  13. detaiiiiilllls !!

  14. lol you describe my situation. well weed and beer.

  15. wouldent that just suck

  16. awsome girl.

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