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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by unoit, Nov 25, 2003.

  1. HIGH All, had this morning O.F.F.F. and guess what Rocdog and I are doing to pass the time away.

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  2. HIGH All, yup Hotknifing a new batch we just made.

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  3. HIGH All, notice the beard.....I'm not shaving till one of our best friends shoots a dear or Elk.

    How do you like it?
  4. Lookin' good Unoit!! Knife hits are always so much fun. Have a great one friend! :D

  5. lol that just takes the cake!!

    how about if they shoot a rabbit?
  6. What a great way to spend a morning off! I like the beard! but I also hope your friend gets an elk. used to eat elk chili.
  7. l think arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh covered it pretty well :D.Have a great day my friend.
  8. how exactly is hot kniving performed?

  9. You're more than welcome. :D
  10. i always wanted to try knife hits. and you're beard makes you look like your av. have fun!
  11. Have fun :)

    I've never actually tried hot knifes before, heard they'r great though, i'll get round to it sometime.
  12. Nice beard, Unoit. So, if dude never kills an elk, does it stay on your face FOREVER????
  13. knife hits are unbelieveable i got so fucking high when I took knife hits.. I was just getting into weed I took them and boy.. I threw up that night cuz I was so high LOOOL
  14. Unoit will be the next Santa Clause for the city if no deer or elk is killed...

    He'll have to dye his beard white though..

    Enjoy the day unoit....
  15. knife hits = exquisit... i knew this girl from montreal who used to caryy two butter knives (handles wrapped in electrical tape) and a mini blow tourch on her at all times....good hash'll hit ya like nothing else...:)
  16. HIGH All, *LOL* no rabbits don't we don't have rabbits here. No the knive handles don't heat up...just the tips....unless there's a few having a session..then I use two sets of knives.

    Elk chili eh!!! I'm not much of a venison (dear) eater...but I'd eat that.

    They're going out Dec.1 Elk it'll be O.F.F.F. Dec.2 *LOL*.

    Glad everyone enjoyed the hits.

    Edit: yes pictures will be had.

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