A world without borders

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  1. I'm down. Who's with me?
  2. Sure, but would you accept the one world government that comes with it?
  3. No. Borders means choices... and I wouldn't want to be stuck with the majority.
  4. My thoughts exactly...

    Until people are perfect (and therefore without need of a government) it's just not practical.
  5. Yeah, you don't need perfect people to have a world without government. And I would gladly accept a world without borders provided the world had no governments.

  6. That's unpossible.
  7. Who punishes criminals in a world without government?
  8. The same people who decide what a crime is.
  9. So who decides what a crime is? In a world without government people will be able to commit murder and get away with it since no private enterprise has the resources/incentive to solve such crimes.
  10. fuck NWO and all you bitch ass followers..
  11. Sure, no need for pretenses like law.
  12. maybe not as many would have to steal and murder if there was no government or monetary system i duno haha they usualy dont just do it for no reason.
  13. You could make the assumption that society breeds criminals. Therefore in a perfect society, there would be no criminals.
  14. People are territorial animals....you would need to change our natural instincts and would probably have to neuter 90% of the male population. The only possible solution to world peace is a feminized world...100%.:smoking:
  15. You got it! And that's were we're heading...we get more and more feminized each day. Pussyfied... What are the liberals but crying women saying it's not fair that a few get it all...

    I'M sure as hell NOT giving up my borders...
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    A society that's based on how much you can achieve within a given time frame.

    I'll go with Utopian Socialism for the win. Atleast that seems where we're heading.

    But a World Govt. right now? not a chance, we're as a species just not ready yet. Besides Capitalism doesn't really go well with New World Orders and such. We become enslaved, then violent Revolution... and i don't really wanna be around for that.

    Sure i'm down for a 'World without Borders' type thing, but only if everyone else can accept what that means for them. And that means Everyone, including those fatcats in the UN.:smoking:
  17. Society does not breed criminals, as evidenced by the fact that where ever there is the least amount of society (backwater areas of the world) there is the most violence.
  18. I'd imagine its easier to avoid detection in the backwater areas of the world......
  19. Nah, we need Governments. We just need to be committed to limiting them.
  20. Yes.

    Crimes can be determined by the surrounding society. If someone is killed, people are kind enough to support eachother.

    If you don't like the people around you, move. There is your option. We should be able to travel anywhere in the world and settle there.

    The world shouldn't be owned.

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