a woman and the hole

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  1. A woman goes to buy a pair of shoes. the sales man gets her a pair of shoes and puts them on her feet. He glances a look up her dress and comments "damn what a hole". The woman embarresed and upset storms out of the store. On her way home she starts to worry if something was wrong with her. She decided to go to the doctor. At the doctors office she was asked to strip down and put on a gown. WWhen the doctor came in and asked what her problem was she told him about the salesman. The doctor took a look and said "Damn what a hole". She grabbed her clothes and run out of his office. When she arrived home she went up stairs and took the mirrow off the door. About the time she laid it on the floor her husband walked in. He asked her what she was doing. She told him about the salesman and the doctor. She said she was going to stand across the mirrow to see what they were talking about. Her husband said ok, but don't fall in that hole!
  2. wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong

  3. It was funny till the "don't fall in the hole" part. Next time you just keep your jokes to your self okay !!!!! :p

  4. I don't get it.

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