A weird thing happened to my clones...

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  1. I got some high end bagseed that I have grown out and been cloning for he last 9 months. I give my plants 24 hrs light in clone/veg. and everything went smoothly until the last set of clones. The clones for the bagseed took over a month to root in peat pellets, while my other strains took just 10-14 days. All the previous clones from the original bagseed plant also took just 10-14 days, so I knew something was wrong. These finally rooted and I transplanted them to my coir-perlite medium. They have now been in veg for a month and a half, and are only 2" tall and budding under 24hr light.

    I would have thought it was a lowryder variant, but as I said, I've grown these clones several times previously, and they all produced nice 3' bushy plants with an extraordinary amount of fat red hairs. Maybe some kind of ruderalis cross? I'm at a complete loss. It sucks because these were great plants, but now all my clones of the bagseed are doing this. Any ideas on the cause?

    I guess I just gotta make lemonade from these lemons. At least I can start another strain now.

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  2. don't know much about cloneing myself. I do have one question. are your clones from previous clones or do you have a dedicated mother plant?
  3. Some strains will not clone or are extremely difficult to clone. Some will root in water. Some will root in soil. Some will only root in sterile mediums like perlite, rockwool, or rapid rooter. I clone in soil, and if the plant won't root I don't bother with it.

    I'm the same way with water. If a plant doesn't thrive with my tap water straight from the tap without pH adjusting nor sitting overnight then I don't bother with the strain. I recently threw 9 crystal seedlings away because they just wouldn't not grow with what I was giving them. Oh well because the majority of the plants I've grown adjust and thrive.

    If it's a great smoke take the time to experiment with other cloning methods/mediums. Otherwise find another strain.
  4. 8ishop, the clones were taken from clones. I know over time that causes issues, like 20-30 generations down the road, but these were only 4th generation.

    Jonestown, thanks sharing your philosphy of clonng in this medium or that medium, it doesn't really answer my question about what happened, but thanks for your knowledge.

    I know someone here has the big brain and knows exactly what the problem is. Come on, help a brutha out!
  5. I have one that looks like that. Took her way late in flower and she cloned but kept making bud.

    She is STILL in my cloner, I was looking at her a minute ago and she might just now being reverting back to veg.

    She's been there over a month.

    I have seen a lot when it comes to cloning as I have made many many errors. I have clones that were taken during harvest and just about every stage before that since I used to lose most of theml.

    Now I have an aerocloner I built and the little fuckers will root even if they arent going to make it. I have one in there right now that is literally a black stick with 1 old crunchy leaf and it just now made root. Also about a month in.

    I think mine is going to make it, I think yours will too.
  6. First the leaves look a little twisted so it could be stressed and causing problems. Second with bagweed you just don't know what you got down the road. You will have better luck with clones, or seeds from a top breeder.
    Just depends on the genetics. I have cloned the same quality strain hundreds of times before going into flowering and all the offspring were always healthy and identical in phenotype.
    BTW..That is a nice looking little bud. If it's good smoke you could plant hundres of them and roll over nice little crops pretty fast.
  7. Colafarmer, these were 4th generation clones from bagseed, not grown from seed. The plant I made the clones from is a nice bushy 3' plant and the 3 previous runs with these clones all produced the same 3' tall bushy plants. As for being stressed, I could see that being an issue, but I would think that would have affected all my clones, not just the clones from this particular strain. All the other clones were fine.

    I have this, The clones were made before I put the plant in bud. It was still under 24 hrs of light when I made the clones. Good thinking though.

    I'm thinking it is a ruderalis cross. I've never grown a rudy cross. While the clones were taking from a plant that was cloned 2 months ago, the actual age of the clones would be that of the mother plant, which is 9 months. Since rudy's auto bud, could it just be this strain reached maturity? Any opinions on this would be helpful.

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