A Weird Situation..

Discussion in 'General' started by Schwag, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. Hi. I'm a reg smoker of marijuana. I basically smoke every day, and so do most of my friends.
    Ok, here is my problem, I have this childhood friend, who I smoke with everyday, but I feel as if she's smoking just because of our friendship. It's like this bond, she's tried quitting, as I know she doesn't want to smoke, but when she takes a break, we hardly meet. She's also my neighbour.
    We go back, from playing hide and seek, to video games to smoking and taking various drugs.

    I sometimes get the feeling that she's just smoking so she can hang out with us and stuff, I feel so shit sometimes.

    Advice please.
  2. try not smokin weed ALL the time haha

    I know, its hard but life can be a total trip all on its own.

    Fucking shit man, i sound like i should be working for Above The Influence. Fuck that, smoke blunts....
  3. just set up a day of maybe you and her like once and awhile. you know instead of when she comes around lighting up,maybe have a day were you guys can go and chill.
  4. well just explain to her straight she doesnt NEED to smoke when you guys hang out

    and actually try to hang out wit her for a day that doesnt involve smoking
  5. she's your neighbor? Just hang out and do other stuff.. coke will get you guys closer than ever! Heh, i'm sorta kidding. really though, try doing something besides smoking
  6. Hmm....I say....boink her.
  7. LOL..
  8. Just stop smoking around her,simple as that,if she ask to smoke after that than she's officially a pot head like us....:smoke:
  9. ya stop smoking weed with her

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