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a week without water?

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by Ann Onymous, Dec 2, 2015.

  1. I don't grow more than a couple of plants at a time and had just germinated a White Widow and a Sour Diesel within the past week. In a month or so, I will be taking some previously unplanned travel but it means the plants would be almost a week without water while I am gone.

    Considering the fact that my first attempt had some environmental issues (A/C went out and the room got into the 90's under the lights) but still seemed to have done OK, should these two (assuming otherwise good health at that point in time) be ok with a decent drench before I fly out? Obviously this is not something that I feel like trusting to a neighbor to take care of given the current state of the law where I live...

    Thoughts, comments??


  2. Well, I will tell you this. All summer I went to work for 6 days, gone entirely from land.....and our summers are 90 degrees w/ about the same % humidity.....They weren't too happy, but they did survive & pull through nicely
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    This happened to my first grow as well, except the plant was already 3 weeks into flower.

    I was forced to harvest early, and re-veg the plant. (Been exactly 3 months now since I did that)

    Here's what you do - Leave the plants going with only a single 24w CFL. That's enough to grow seedlings, or to keep a plant in veg mode. This will also keep temperatures low, so as to slow down evaporation.

    This will also avoid potential fire-hazards related to high-power lighting systems, since you won't be able to do anything if you're away. CFLs are extremely low hazard, so you'll be safe.

    Make sure your cupboard has very high humidity, but not high enough to cause mold, obviously. Soak the crap out of the plant pot. Turn all fans off (you won't need fans with just 1x CFL). Turn the carbon filter off, since it will suck moisture out of the air (2-3 week old plants won't smell, anyway.)

    Then put the CFL on a timer running 16 hours a day, with 8 hours of darkness. Also run it on a plug with surge protection.

    My trip overseas was like 4 days, and the pot was still wet when I came back. The plant had grown a bit, too.

  4. if your worried about water you can purchase or make your own slow drip system. I've seen people use the drips for reptiles and I've seen others use plastic containers.
  5. I had a similair situation once, couldn't water my plants for 10 days. Used something like this and it did work great:

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