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a wee little question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by eplionukka, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. if you have like a physical or sports physical, wen you piss into the cup, do they drug test you or what?
  2. If your pissing into a cup it probably is a drug test. Besides that, most schools do test for drugs with extra curricular activities.
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    This is NOT true at all, doctors won't drug test at a physical. Even if they do, if your over 18 they cant do tell anyone. Drug testing uses different chemicals then the other tests they do, they are just making sure your healthy when they say "piss in this cup". If your under 18, get off GC, but they can test if your parents request it. And there are some schools that will tell the coach to drug test you all, but as you can imagine this is very expensive.
  4. yeah, played sports all 4 years in high school, and i would have been fucked every summer when they had the physicals. you're good
  5. hmmm uh similar problem- does any1 know if a physical for the fire department will have a DT in it?

  6. Absolutely right.

    It is not a drug test unless they tell you that it is. It is against the law to force you to take a drug test without your prior consent.
  7. no they dont on sports physicals
  8. no, but im sure you will need to pass a drug test to get the job
  9. I'm almost certain you will need to be drug free to become a fireman, but im not 100% sure
  10. well its just to become an EMT which requires a physical test as a requirement... i was just wondering if they add a drug test in as part of that physical
  11. you for sure have to be clean to get a fireman job.. same for any govt position

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