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  1. Hhahah dam I havn't seen Doug in such a long time.Dont remember anything about that show anymore! +rep
  2. Damn I was just trying to find those too.
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    I love you now. Rocko's modern life is the SHIT! same with hey arnold and the monsters one.

    I even liked rocket power at one point in time.

    I've seen like every episode of hey Arnold.

    You seriously fucking rock dude +rep

    Edit: Im busting out my bong right now and getting some toons on. I'm going to get ripped and watch like all of them.

    Edit again: my girlfriend will love you also.
  4. Right on bud! I LOVE ALL OF THESE CARTOONS!!!!!!
  5. I was expecting some gay nostalgic thread, but damn nice link bro!!

  6. ill expect her at my house around 8 tonight
  7. no ren and stimpy = incomplete and therefore not valid

  8. Where's Pete and Pete?
  9. I never liked Ren and Stimpy

    and iv never heard of Pete and Pete
  10. The Adventures of Pete and Pete wasn't a cartoon, but it was a show on Nickelodeon during the 90's. It was quite possibly the best show ever made, google that shit.
  11. The best show EVER on Nick was "You Can't Do That on Television" - and it's not airing anywhere AFAIK.

    You kids, you're funny. I skipped every single one of those shows because in the 90's I was getting drunk, smoking weed and trying to get laid - all while working full time.
  12. i love you this is the best thing i have ever seen it brings back so many memories
  13. Pete & Pete was fucking awesome. I also loved Hey, Dude and Salute your Shorts.
  14. oh my god
  15. oh yeah
    and the cartoons now fucking suck
  16. real monsters. hell yea, great find man :hello: +rep
  17. they took down the site before I even got to check it out =/
  18. Still works for me

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