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A way to keep bong smell on the DL

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pipesmith, May 10, 2010.

  1. A couple months ago i made a bong for tobacco and the result was an instant light headedness and a cool smoke

    i am interested in buying one for weed but the downside of my old bong was the water smelled like a bitch and when i dumped out the bong water my sink smelled like a shithole so after that i threw it away...

    so whats a way to keep bong smell down because i was thinking wrapping up Peanut butter or nutmeg in plastic wrap and puting it in there
  2. i use my bong many times a day. and it does not stink up my room. and when you dump the water, the toilet is your friend
  3. change your bong water every other day or so and keep your bong nice and clean. it will obviously stll smell but it will be a minimal smell
  4. Change the water everytime you use it. And try to clean it with ISO and salt, or even soap if you have nothing, just rinse really good.
  5. if you change the water every time the water wont smell
  6. im not worried about that im worried about the rest of the bong smell like it and me putting it in a bag or box and then having that bag smell like weed
  7. Your bong wont smell if after everytime you use it, you wash it out with hot water. And then like once a week use iso and salt
  8. lol, tobacco in a bong..
  9. yah they actaully exsist and you can buy bongs for tobacco
  10. Change the water before every sesh and you will get no smell then clean the whole bong at least once a week.

  11. looks like your going to be a lucky candidate for bong ants.

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