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    Hey grasscity!
    Next year I plan to start a walk around the world
    I typically would want this to be a solo experience, but I feel
    Many gc members would be interested and would like to see the eXp
    In progress. I could also use your courage and support along the way!
    Im going to be doing daily updates with pics of beautiful nature and good people I meet along the way.

    I find everyday in our modern society stressful. I cling to my possesions and a particular way of life. Everyone does this, but I find this totale unappealing. Ive been homeless before and honeslty it was one of the suprisingly happiest times in my life caught myself humming a tune one to many times. Anyways Im 22 ive been through so much i just dont find any interest sitting around waiting for nothing. I crave change and experience
    Im doing this to find myself to learn about life to experience the world.
    To become the most complete person I can be
    This is a time In my life where I have no obligatins and im still young enough to do this.

    MY trip will start in april next year in alaska, take me through vancouver travel southeast into jackson hole wyoming then Into new york. I will then travel throufh europe through asia finally into australia.

    Blades pls give me any input encourment words of advice you have.

    I have experience being homeless and and experienfe hiking through colorado bsckpack no outside contact

    Grasscity from you guys i want the support I want to know whst you think abkut traveling the world on foot and some good tunes to walk with

    I want to leave right now! But im going to save some money.

    Im writing this now because this is something I want to do and would like to gather support and interest.

    Also if any blades would like to smoke me up along the way ;) id be more than happy
  2. If you make it to Philly alive I'll smoke you up cuz
  3. good luck indeed

    interested to see how long this will take you

    as for tunes....Men At Work "Down Under" on repeat untill you get to the final destination!

  4. I plan on it dude !

    Im guessing this will take me 2 years
  5. Way to go man, pursue your desires! Sounds like an amazing experience, just going out of town is so foreign to me.
  6. some one just got done reading into the wild... lol jk man

    thats sound fucking awesome dude. don't be arrogant and go unprepared like that dumb niqqa from into the wild tho,

  7. I havent even heard of into the wild. I dont own a tv
  8. Sounds amazing man, enjoy and don't forget to keep us updated.
  9. go for it man, sounds amazing! hit us up when you finally make it to Aus.

    maybe get some of those shoes with wheels in em too...

  10. I know man I cannot wait!
    Im be kickit ausi style in 2015 haha
    Rolly shoes ftw!
  11. its a book... i think they did make a movie about it tho. its about a guy that kinda has the same idea as you, he hitch hiked and shit around the country then canoed down in mexico then ended up trying to survive in alaska but died cause he unprepared and thought he was alot smarter than he really was..

  12. OK forget about Alaska, op :D
  13. I wish I could do this haha.

    I saw a documentary where a guy traveled around for a month only using craigslist ads. He got places to stay, rides, food, whatever in exchange for chores or helping other people who needed it sometimes people just wanted someone to share the road trip experience with someone else.

    It was very interesting, the point was to see if what caused humanity to become isolated (the internet) could also be used to as a community. He met lots of nice interesting people and if you plan on traveling, I would say it's your best bet if you need to find people to help you with anything. Almost every place has free wifi and a place to charge your phone, laptop, or tablet so you can stay connected even though you're homeless. That's how he did it anyways, the camera guy he met on craigslist too and they both traveled around, gave me faith in humanity :)

    Good luck and have fun!
  14. If u happen to make it to my little suburb outside of chicago i can smoke you up :)
  15. hahaha
    are you serious?
    if you make your way to the east coast shoot me a pm
    we can chill and maybe i'll let you stay at my place for a day. hah.
  16. Jealous of your ambition, I've dreamed of this and hope to accomplish something smaller scale soon. Some day soon, when I have the $, I'll follow your lead. Happy travels my man, if you happen to pass I through rochester, ny i'd be more than happy to smoke and converse about the journey.
  17. Inspiring dude, i envy you.
    Goodluck n def update thru the trip. Please!
  18. Get onto couch surfing. It's a great community with wonderful people and travellers willing to share a place for you to sleep, or just a coffee.

    I (mostly) walked a decent portion of the Australian east coast. I ended up staying with a couple who showed me my first South Pacific surf, and a guy who lived on a sailboat and taught me the ropes (pun intended), among others.

    Good luck, man :smoke:
  19. If you wanna detour up to New England I'll smoke a couple bowls with you. Flying to Europe from Boston would probably be a little cheaper than from New York anyway.

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