A Very Bad Friend

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  1. So, I have this friend named "Neill". Neill and me and have been pretty good friends for about 3 1/2 years. He was the one that actually intro'd me to weed and drugs. Well, he has always been some what "poor" and he knows that I come from a pretty wealthy family. About 2 months ago, Neill got out of jail after some burglary charges were dropped. And I've been smoking with him, and he has an awesome connection... do i mean AWESOME. Anyways.. I always pay for it all... like always. And Yeah, i smoke him out, and give him some bud and he always promises he will catch the next one... which i always laugh and we part ways. Well last time we smoked (about 3 days ago) I threw him 50 dollars extra to get himself some gas (we were in my car anyways) but he said he has been job hunting and needs to continue to do so, and I felt bad so helped a "friend" out.

    Anyway, Neill isa bout 500 dollars in debt to me. I don't mind TOO much... but I've been noticing more and more that he has been using me specifically for my money.
    Example: Today I call him for some beans, and he says ok 20 dollars a pop. Even though theyre 15 where im from, but he's a good friend and I want to uby from him to help him out. He says he wont nudge and to stop bothering him if I won't pay 20, instead of 15.

    I told him okay I will pay him. But I believe it's about time to cut him from my list of friends. He won't cut me a 5 dollar slack after all the stuff I've done for him? I only have a 10 and a 5 on me... so basically I have to go out of my way and ask someone else (my parents) to lend me 5 dollars more so I can buy something from him??? What is that?

    Comments and suggestions are welcomed!
  2. Let him go . . .
  3. id be all like "look at how much I've done for you in the past, man. cut me some slack this once. its only five bucks"

    and if he still refuses, forget about him
  4. Sounds like he has come accoustomed to you paying for everything... just phase that out and mention stuff like that extra 5 bucks when he asks for money... he should get the idea pretty quick.

  5. Took the words right out of my mouth.
  6. Tell him straight up whats been going on thats what i would wnat to happen 2 me
  7. you lend him money .. you smoke him out , give him bud and he wont give up $5 .. fuck that man , he dont deserve to have a friendship with you .
  8. I know man, thats why I'm saying! I just wish he wasnt the biggest flagger on the face of planet Earth!!
  9. Dude you seem to be a good friend to him but he not being a good friend back as you realised . I would say cut him out and then maybe he will see the error of his ways! I think the dude needs to learn the meaning of friendship!

    I feel sorry for you man , it sad how someone takes advantage of someones kindness!
  10. People change. I realized that a few times with close friends. I remeber back in middle school I had this one really close friend. Everyone knew we were close. Long story short, he started become a jackass and ignoring me so I found new friends and was happy ever since.

    He probably dropped the soap while he was in prision or something.

    I say if you can you tell him straight up. If you cant, then the best choice is to just leave him. Your not benefitting anything man.
  11. He owes you 500 dollars? I wouldn't even offer to pay him anything. Tell him you'll cut the debt down to 480. If he can't agree to that then it's obvious he has no intention of ever paying you back - he is too far gone down the path of moochdom and you might as well forget about him.

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