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  1. Very abstract...and well I'd usually keep these to myself for self study but I've not come out victorious yet

    So in this we are dividing EVERYTHING in existence into two separate spheres.

    Now in this picture we have three different sections. Sphere 1, Sphere 2, and the question box.

    Sphere 1 and Sphere 2 are of course interconnected (as everything is), but have an extremely large fundamental difference. Your task is to define what that difference is. To define these two spheres in such way that you make them completely separate from eachother.

    Like Sphere 1 is "Things that____" while Sphere 2 is "Things that _____", .etc

    Now the question mark box down below is examples of things that I came up with (probably could come up with a lot more) that I was unsure of what sphere put them into (maybe they dont go into either, and need their own sphere, or their own new shape that is outside of these definitions)

    Now an initial thing I said was "Things I don't own vs things I do own"...but then 3rd in the list on the right is "something physical I want but dont own yet". I don't own that object, but that object is in that sphere..so the definition of the sphere is not Things I own.

    Perhaps it is a matter of defining personal reality and extrapersonal reality, if that is the case then I need a concrete definition for that..

    and then there is that box. Maybe its a simple one, they do go into one of the two spheres. I dunno.

    See if you can help me please
  2. Sphere 1: Objective
    Sphere 2: Subjective

  3. Subjective (adj.): taking place within the mind and modified by individual bias; "a subjective judgment"

    My car is not subjective. I think it's a bad car or a good car, a cool car or a car with just the right color, but it is still the same make, model, paintscheme, .etc

    This same thing can be applied to all those examples in Sphere 2.

    I'd also say I can have just as many subjective thoughts about everything in Sphere 1 as I can for Sphere 2.
  4. How do you know that all thoses objects belong in each sphere and can be categorized by words?
  5. Where did this project arise from?
  6. Because..

    I need them to be. That is why this is task, not a quiz for you guys.

    Meh..sort of has to do with lucid dreaming

  7. Hmm... I wish I had more of an idea exactly what was going on here... :p
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    Why is "White House" one word...?


    Sphere 1: Your General Psychedelic Thoughts
    Sphere 2: Specific Thoughts That You Might Encounter Daily

    I have no idea.

    I mean you can feel your body characteristics. Like you are physically capable of doing so. And you are physically capable of working your job. "Something physical you might want" is just... another physical trait within the sphere. Your skills may require some form of physical interaction. For example, to play an instrument you need to physically strum the strings or something. To fly you require physical energy. Your car, you can physically feel it just like you can feel your body characteristics. And the same goes for how warm your body temperature is. It's all physical.

    Where as sphere one, sure you can touch the white house, but it seems to be a sphere where you simply analyze how the world works?

    I don't know i'll come back to this thread.

    Oh and for the rectangle in the middle i'd sayyy... "Things You Simply Ponder About"?
  9. So basically we have to come up with a rule that applies to what words/whatever that you've randomly sorted into boxes?
    i don't see the point
    how did you sort them into those spheres?
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    Okay I think...maybe I may have something here

    Cause and effect.

    Sphere 1 are things I am effected by, but I do not cause them

    Sphere 2 are things I cause effects through, by, because, or with.

    As for the question box? And perhaps my thought is refutable. It needs to concrete..i do not know ill keep thinking

    noncollective/personal vs collective/nonpersonal i guess
  11. ...but how did you put them into the spheres in the first place?
  12. Well They are fundamentally different in some way. They are just examples of the things on two different sides of this spectrum. What the spectrum is -- that is the question im trying to figure out.

    I mean can you not see a similarity between everything on the two respective lists and then a difference between everything on sphere 1 and sphere 2 being the same type of difference?
  13. but HOW did you decide which sphere to put each one in initially!? Is the question I'm asking. Cause then you get your answer...right? I'm so lost...
  14. Well I just put them in two different places. I dont know what the spheres are, they are just symbols that these two categories that these examples fall into are seperate. I dont know why they are different I just know that they are different. I am trying to figure out WHY specifically they are different because all i can come up with is that I know for certain they have a fundamental difference.
  15. Wait. What?
    Sorry, i'm just trying to understand. So "How Society Works" effects you. While "Ability to fly like Superman" is a cause you effect society with? :s
  16. How society works is an external something that is created by at least one other person than myself. The effects that "How Society Works" has are caused by "How Society Works".

    My ability to fly like Superman may or may not effect society, one person, or another object, but whatever it does I caused the effect (even if the effect is just me flying). The effects that "Ability to fly like Superman" has are caused by ME.

    thank you

  17. Societal scapegoat... Right?
  18. Yeah Seocity is, for the most part, one big trend. One day people will care more about a bad road more then who will win the super bowl, proof is in the amount of money is spent on roads compared to the super bowl. Also When you set out to do anything, Nothing is imposable, Just because someone said so.

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