A Truly Hilarious Video

Discussion in 'General' started by Kramer, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Laughed my ass off so hard.

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  2. wow that was really funny the parts that really made me laugh is when the people he scared attacked him
  3. lol thats pretty good
  4. AHAHA I lost it when the little girl kicked his nads!
  5. Omg that is the hardest ive laughed all night when he gets knocked the fuck out at the end
  6. i swear to god, i have little sick thoughts of doing stuff like this all the time.
    if i knew where to get one of these suits, i would buy it.
  7. Hahahaha great video! I love this sort of stuff.

    What if you rented a 'legit' gorilla costume and jumped out of the bushes near some parking lots with some filming in hiding. Or get a hollywood special effects make-up of a demon/zombie and scare someone you know's setup person.
  8. oh my god that was so fucking funny
  9. Just as i began thinking "Man, I'd fucking punch him if he did that to me" thats exactly what people started doing. :D
  10. lol ending was great when the little kids jumped him.
  11. lmao.. same.

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