A true story about why D.A.R.E sucks

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    I thought I'd share one of my favorite true, real life stories...

    I went to the same small, Christian private school my whole life until third grade. It was a pretty change, I no longer did the flag salute and prayer was no longer normal, the kids were WAY different and I was just a naive, impulsive kid trying to fit in.

    We had our first D.A.R.E rally and we were at lunch tables having to fill out or write some pledge not to do drugs. This fifth grader sitting by me and a "friend" of mine mentioned "faerie dust", which I had never heard of and had no clue what it was. But everyone was talking about drugs and what they had heard and knew and all this shit.

    I was totally bombarded with information and it seemed like all these elementary school kids around me were like fucking dope dealers or something. And then my friend said "I have some drugs at home." and I immediately blurted out "me too, I got a whole box of drugs" :rolleyes:

    And then my friend kept asking me throughout the day if he could buy some, was accusing me of not really having them, of being a chicken/lying to him... so I promised him I'd sell him "some drugs" for 20 dollars the next day.

    So I went home and told my friend who lived next door what happened, he recommended crushing up smarties (those little round candies) and trying to sell that as this "faerie dust" I heard of. This dude was like a 7th grader and was telling me it was a brilliant idea. Please try to remember I had never even heard of drugs before this D.A.R.E rally not even 24 hours before, and I was super impressionable lol.

    I sucked at crushing them, so in desperation right before I went to bed, I poured a bunch of baby powder into an empty M&M mini's tube. I put it in my backpack and went to bed.

    I went to school the next day and immediately every kid was going "Ooooohhhh" when I got there and I knew I was in deep shit. For some reason I still got the tube out of my back pack and put it in my pocket, and some girl said "YOU GOT DRUGS". My heart sunk, I lined up for class like a trooper and we went in.

    My teacher approached me and said "Do you have drugs?" and I said "No, I have baby powder" and she took it from me, and the class went "OOOOOHHH" again.. and then I look up and there's a fucking cop outside, and the teacher gives him the baby powder, he smells it and laughs and dumps it all over the ground. I thought everything was going to be cool.

    The little fucking shit who convinced me to bring him "drugs" said to me "I know that's really drugs, I'm going to take some of that home and look at it under my microscope to prove it" (at this point I wanted to fucking sock this kid so bad)

    Then the teacher comes back in and calls me out of the classroom, and the cop escorted me to the principal's office.. as I walked out, the last thing that little shit kid said to me was "I just wanted to be friends..." in this whiny fake voice, with a smirk on his face. I still want to hunt this douche down one day.

    And despite vividly remembering everything up to that point, the rest of the next three hours is just a blur. I remember crying the entire time, the cop and the principal double teaming me, asking questions about my parents and everyone else in my life.

    I basically just sat there sobbing and telling them every little bad thing that ever happened to me because I was super scared. He even pulled out a picture of some naked dude (the picture was from the waist up) who had no teeth and shit and said "THIS IS A GUY WE FOUND ON THAT FAERIE DUST, YOU SEE HIM? WANNA KNOW WHY HE'S NAKED!? CAUSE WE FOUND HIM WANDERING DOWN THE STREET IN A PINK DRESS!"

    Eventually my mom got there and saved me, pulled me out of the office and couldn't believe that they grilled me like that. I was suspended for a week and then they decided to expel me from the entire school district (because it wasn't my home district). :D

    The silver lining of the story is when I switched schools, I had a teacher who was a mentor to me and also made a ton of friends that I kept for years after elementary school. I was way happier and fit in way better than I did at the other school.

    I know it's long, but I think it's a pretty good story and it's 100% unfortunately true. I hope the subject matter is ok, since there was no actual sale/no actual drugs/no actual knowledge of what drugs were at the time. If not, delete it and I'll cry over writing this monstrosity for nothing. :p
  2. good story. that cop has to have some serious problems to get in a childs face like that.
  3. I had two experiences like that with a cop as a kid. People wonder why I have a phobia of cops...:rolleyes:
  4. tell the other story.
    btw a phobia is an irrational fear. fear of cops is rational because so many of them are ASSHOLES hahahah
  5. The cop was too much of a dumb fuck to realize that their program wasn't stopping them from doing it but getting them more interested in them. D.A.R.E was fun when i was kid tho haha.

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  7. I did some dumb shit when I was 13 and two cops came to my house and were being all nice, and then the lady cop took my mom outside to talk to her individually and the male cop started threatening to take me to jail, juvie, or a mental hospital, kept telling me how lucky I was and all this crap, saying stuff like "you know what happens to kids like you in those places?" and "if I ever have to see you again, it's over" and shit like that. I basically sat there and looked at him and was like "ok" at the end of his rant. I didn't respect authority much as a thirteen year old.
  8. This event seemed to bring drastic change in your life. The repercussions landed you in a new School where you met chiller kids.

    I would be thankful for that crazy ass day because you wouldn't have turned out the same. Plus punk that played you is gonna have a big cloud of bad karma around his body.

    If this made no sense, my apologies, I'm stoned.

  9. No shit man I was literally JUST eating out of one of those for my first time in like 3 years.:D
  10. No it makes sense, it was definitely one of the better things to happen in my life (I think, who knows, right? lol), but the experience itself was regrettable, especially at the time. I felt like I let a lot of people down, I was out of school for weeks and grounded the whole time, it was raining on top of it lol. It was just a crappy 2-3 weeks but I did have a really good experience in the rest of elementary school. Middle school was hell on earth, however (cursed with evil teachers).. but I still had my friends from elementary school.

    It taught me a small lesson (drugs are a big deal mmkay) but I failed to see the bigger lesson (I have impulse control issues) until I was like 20 lol

    They still make those damn things? lol I haven't seen them in forever... if they keep making them, I'm going to turn into one of those old men who tells this story every time he sees one.
  11. Hahahaha, Yo Fadeddd, that was a great read

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