A true mindfuck

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Bongin Shaman, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. 'Twas cleaning my kitchen today and such, smoked a bong bowl beforehand. I was thirsty so i filled up a glass of water, decided to only take a sip and put it on my shelf (home alone so no one could of done anything).

    I decide to go do some gardening, I water my plants and transplant some purple sweet potato and such.:cool:

    So when i get back to my house to drink the last of my water, I find that all of the liquid is gone, I was mindfucked. I only took one sip and the glass was pretty much full, and where i put it it was even hard for me to find it again lol.

    Not even the worlds top scientists, physicists, or archeaologist could solve this ridiculous glitch in reality.

    and to top it off, my turtle tried to ram into me afterwards, I was just walking along and he comes out of nowhere going like 5 mph and almost knocks me over wtf!?
  2. Your snowplow of a turtle drank it!
  3. that turtle is mysterious beyond normalcy, i figure he might have levitated up to my shelf and just pounded that shit.
  4. Well maybe the sun was magnifyed through the glass and concentrated on the glass of water and boiled to the point it all evaporated.

    But it was probly the turtle.

  5. that was literally my second thought, but then I realized the turtle probably went supersayan and evaporated it when he reached OVER NINE THOUSAND
  6. I would say he would of gone supersayan right after he drank the water, he needed the water for the energy.
  7. Your turtle IS energy
  8. he needs water energy from time to time, because its so damn hot.
  9. It evaporated. Your habitual pot smoking has killed so many brain cells you are having temporary time lapses. What 1 minute seems to you is a 1 year to us.
  10. shit! im gonna quit smoking weed right away and take up cigarrettes and drinking rum!
  11. haha this thread is fucking funny, you all sound ridiculously high. . . but aren't we all?

  12. not yet, brb
  13. hahahahaha +rep
  14. just now as I was smoking, I saw an empty airzona watermelon can roll across my floor, a good 10 feet, When I got up to check it out, I saw a dead spider behind it, I knew it was dead because it didn't move when I touched it with my lit cigerette butt.
  15. That mother-fucking spider came back to life to fuck with you one last time before dying on the spot.
  16. THAT HAD TO BE IT!!!!!!!
    SPIDER ZOMBIE!!!!!!!!!! :eek:
  17. actually i have noticed water evaporating really quickly lately for the past month or two i have a fish tank that holds 30 gallons and i only have a male betta fish in the tank so he can have some space and everyday the waterlevel drops by alot im talking atleast a 20% waterlevel drop in one day, cups with water that are full and then forgotten have drops left in them the next day i live in new york so it cant be the climate change or something since its pretty artificial here haha its been freaking me out makes me feel like the end of the world is really coming especially since a tornado touched down here and ripped trees out of the ground and roofs off peoples houses and ripped powerlines apart i mean its new york like WTF? lol there was no warning either so im surprised there was only one fatality i was about to go jogging that day but i felt lazy and stayed home and seconds later it was raining extremely hard 2 more seconds later it looked like a sandstorm outside and then i couldnt even see across the street

    anyone else noticing wierd things lately? like everything expiring faster? i remember going to the store buying a gallon of milk and its expiration date would be months from then now i go into a store and everything is either expired or expiring in a few days this is in ALOT of stores not just specific stores anyone noticing little details like that?

    i don't know man i think im buggin out! :smoking:
  18. The water drank itself.
  19. you watered your plants with your water.

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