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  1. my son came home the other night at 10:00 or so ! he was realy pist dudes he tryed to tell me something and it just did not come out right he went up stairs and latter my step son came in and told me what was up ! tony 's freind not best freind but one of the guys he hangs with had goten in a fright ! it started with a kid comeing up to jd's truck and fucking calling him out ,fucking with him ! jd told him to get away from his truck and the kid broke his mirror ,he got out to see how bad it was and the kid jumped him ,his freind set in the truck as they were pushing and fucking with each other ,well it got out of hand and the kid put jd in a head lock ,his freind did not think jd was hert tell his black out and fell and hit his head on the rim of the truck tire when he fell!what started as just a little fight almost killed jd ,he had brain surgery this morning and we havent herd anything yet ,tony and some of his freinds are going to see him down state wensday he well have a haylow and it well take mouths for him to recover if he dose ! its shocking how something can go so wrong in a fight! jd did not even think the kid was realy made at him . they arested the boy and he's in jail at 16 .i just dont see that its going to help jd !now 30 or more kids want to kick his face in and i told tony ,he had better not be one of them!tony's smart he said dad dont you think jd needs me more now than just to fight that ass hole ! he said i am going to help him beat this dad ,its going to be hard for him and he's going to need me to help him recover from this ! i was very prode of him , i guess i rised him right ! i dont know how it well end but i'll let you know ! good luck tazz11
  2. yur son sounds pretty cool and i hope that kid gets better....
  3. rainman...you have every right to be proud of your son,he sounds very mature for his age!! I will keep you and yours in my prayers as always. Peace and Best wishes to ya tazz!
  4. thats sum heavy stuff there but as always i wish the best for you and yours....its good to see that tony is being such a good friend and acting cool about the whole situation. I'd be proud if i were his father
  5. Gosh, Kids these days. whatever happened when it was ust fisticuffs and for honor not just killing each other. Hopefully alll resolves itself well and the boy shows some remorse. Think good thoughts.

  6. I wish the best for you and your family, and the young man sounds pretty smart.
    Hope I can do as well with mine.
  7. sounds like a chip off the ol' block, there, Tazz. You should be proud! I hope the kid pulls through okay.
  8. jd is not good ! the trip is off for now sorry to say real life has them wondering why this happened ! jd is under and they are not going to bring him out tell saterday i ! told tony it was to let the swelling stop frist ! i told him it dosnt mean any thing bad its for his safty ! i think the true works much better than side steping the facts ! jd came threw the op fine some bleeding on the brain but hes out of it for now,i'll let you know what happens !,and i just want to say this post is not for me or tony its for you young men out there that want to be someone some day ! dont let dum shit like this fuck your life up ! it did not have to go this far know when to walk away or when to stop self control ! this sounds funny from me a gang banger in my youth but we had a code of honor ,some said no more you backed off ,never hit someone when their down ,alwas one on one ,frist blood stops itunless they want to go on ! alwas have a safty someone that can step in and call the fight !if some gets hert dont run help them frist and four most! face to face ! never jump someone their is no honor in that ! fist to fist ! if there is no other way !good luck tazz11
  9. thank you guys for replying ,this kid is going to need it! i hope thee young man read this and know we are not made of stone ! for that matter nether are they! think twice value your life more than your pride ! and be around to love the ones that well miss you if you do are gone ! this kid could have just let go of jd and it would have ended there!with just some name calling i guess! i just hope it dont end grave side or in a prison! or some one else hert . good luck tazz11
  10. lately in my school people are getting jumped left and right, i guess one kid got in a fight and found out that he can hit hard as hell so he just keeps beating people down and acting all bad and shit. he got is car all fucked up and everything stolen out of it because of jumping people. a few people are going to be at his house after school thursday waiting for him i heard. no good is going to come from this. all the fights that been going on don't even have a fucking point to them, there just fighting to fight. How gay is that!
  11. Words of wisdom from Tazzman, once again. Violence is not the way to solve situations, and in an instant your life can be changed forever. People need to try thinking before they act.
  12. Tazz old friend i hope every thing turns out ok. Your son sounds like he uses his head. I do wish the other boy good karma and hope he gets well soon.

    When i grew up the only thing you heard of when there was a fight was who got the bloody nose. Now it's who killed or hurt the other person.

    Our prayers are with you TAZZ11 !!
  13. when i was 11, 4 kids where beating up this kid name danny and he could not even stand up ! well i ,watch for a few mins ,4 on 1 danny didnt have a chance ! i was new in school and they didnt know me so i walked up and said whats going on , were kicking his ass ,i said so this is for real and they said ya its a fight you want to get in on it ,i jumped at that and said ya ! and started kicking their asses ! he landed on the ground and said what the fuck are you doing ,i said makeing it 4 on 2 not good enough odds for you ! i was a good fighter we won with a little cost to our selfs ! well 7 years ago my car broke down and i walked to the next farm up on my road ,i had all but for gotten danny when i knocked at the door a farmer came to the door and i have never meet him he said hi what can i do for you ! i told him my car was broke down and i needed to use a phone ,as i was talking on the phone ,he walked up to me and said you have to be "---------" ! are you not! i said yes i am! not knowing what was going on ,he said let me shake your hand ,i said for what he said wait a min i'll go out to the burn and get someone that wants to thank you ! i was in shock i did not know what was going on , danny worked in he starte to walk across the room before he got to me he was crying ,10 -15 years later he remember the hole thing and had never got a chance to thank me ! his father ask me why did you help danny when the odds were so bad againist you i looked him in the face and said your son could not have did any thing to stop them and i could ,i could not set and watch them beat him up with those odds, i did not do it for danny i did it for me ! he said what do you mean ,would i be me if i had let them beat him up ,i think not ! he lol and thank me again for being me ! danny lives on my road a few miles away ,we wave now and than ,his father past a few years back and he runs a 380 acer farm now ! well it dose not sound like that much ,but another freind at the market in down thanks me to ,and a few hunder kids as i was growing up ! they still thank me now and than ,see i felt so good to help others i did what no one else did i help the little guys that were not good fighters i beat a lot of bullys up and they gave me good reasons i only faught when i was in the right and never gave them more than what they earned ! yes i could have beat them to death easy i was a 2 degree black belt at 12 years old i went in the navy to learn how to fight better !i never wanted to set and watch it unable to help or fight for those that could not! i learned respected and control well win the fight if there needs to be one at all!and that their dose not have to be a loser! wisdom always wins! my hands are old with many cuts and i dont fight any more but some remind me that i knew what to fight for back than and danny never for got ! danny's got kids and a farm now and a good wife and freinds around these parts and i know when i see him out in the feilds working and he see's me andwe waves, he means it ! there is a time and place for everthing and everthing in its place! good luck tazz11
  14. That could be a Disney movie if it werent so violent.
  15. its just how a boy made him self wise as well as made some great freinds doing the right things, the right way!and be came honist and a good freind to many ! and yes be came a man of respect by earning it! i respected danny for who he was , he was not smart or dum , black or white , rich or poor ,he was danny to me! my point the fight started because danny had cow shit on his shoes ,he told me why ,see he did not tell any one in school his father was dieing from cancer and he was helping do the milking in the mornings so it would give his dad a helping hand ,working a mans job at 10 years old ,thats the kind of freinds i have and want to know ! why i started at 11 haying till my hands were raw! i made $180.aweek!i respect hard work and those welling to try! ( i walk not the easy road all the time for i want far more than what the easy road well give!)good luck tazz11

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