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A trip i made... what do you think???

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by nodestiny, Dec 26, 2003.

  1. Go ahead and read it, but its mainly to tell somebody as they are on some type of imagination-expanding high. Kinda long, but pretty good (IMHO).

    \t"As you lie where you are, you slowly blink your eyes. Once closed, as you being to open them, it feels very heavy and very slow. As you are able to see once again, you relize nothing but darkness around you. As your eyes come to a more open state, you begin to see stars far away. No matter where you turn your head, you see stars and galaxies. Large white stars, small redish stars. Blue stars and yellow. Clusters of stars, millions of miles away. You are free floating in space. You see no large planets or anything simular, just stars of various sizes. The atmosphere is dark blue and black. As you float there, looking around at the countless amounts of stars, your feet seem to find flat ground. You look down to to see what you are starting to stand upon and see a grey, rocky platform. Square, and about as large as your arms can spread. Gravity finaly takes full controll, pulling you down just like earth would. You can walk on this platform now. As you look around, directly behind you is a path. The path is made of large, flat, round grey cement like stepping stones, floating in this vast space. There are countless amounts, that trail as far as the eye can see. You take your first step onto one, slowly to make sure the circular platform, about the size of your foot, can hold you up. To your suprise, it holds you just fine. You look around the universe and see the only real option to walk this path. You start walking down the long path, not sure where it's going....

    \tAs you walk, you look around and observe the stars. They are very beautiful. But your eyes soon keep towards the path. After walking many miles, your head starts to get heavy. You start looking more downward to look at the stones. Soon, your head is more pointed downward toward the tips of your toes. Looking down at your feet as you walk , something catches your eyes and you come to a stop. You look up to find a door a few feet in front of you. Its your average door. Wooden. Gold door knob. Wooden frame around it. Much like the one to your bedroom, I'm sure. You look back to see your other option of walking back. The path trails beyond what you can veiw into the universe. You turn back around to go back to looking at the door. You take a deep breath and reach for the door knob. As you reach for the door knob, you can only think about what may be behind this door. Perhaps, the meaning to life, God or Bhuda. The possibilities are endless. As soon as the skin of your fingers beings to touch the door knob, the stepping stones below you give way and you start to fall.

    \tYou look up to see the path and doorway to quickly disapear out of your sight. You look back to see where you are falling to, but see nothing but darkness. There are no stars in the direction you are falling. As you look up, the deep blue sky filled with stars runs quickly by you. Stars begin to go from round to long and oval-like. Soon enough, they are like the shape of toothpics. You are moving so fast, it's like warp speed on Star Trek. You arn't exactly sure where you are falling to, but wherever you land, you hope that you can slow down some amount before you do hit the bottom. You ignore everything and concentrate on the stars you are flyin by. Watching them zoom by you at warp speed. The stars start to warp into a square-like shape. Soon enough, it's as if you jumped off a skyscraper building and see the windows flyin by you. Windows fly by at increadible speeds. You cant even concentrate on a single window, not even for a second. Suddenly, you come to a complete stop after hitting a surface. As you hit it, you close your eyes, expecting pain to shoot through your body.

    \tYou get a little cold. No pain is rushing into your body like you expected. Everything feels weighed down, as if you were in water. As you open your eyes, you see what looks like an endless ocean. The water is of aquatic green and blue color. There are no fish or life, just water. The lighting is very faint, especialy as you fall to the bottom of this ocean floor. You are releaved to know you made it through the fall. You keep falling through the water till you hit a very deep and dark bottom. It's almost like the ocean floor in the depths of the dark end of the sea. Not long after you land, you spot something in the distance. A faint light in the distance seems to be approaching you. The dot of light soon gets larger. Its still fairly far away, but it's getting closer. As it does, it becomes harder to look at. It begines to get way too bright, so you close your eyes. Soon, you know it's very close because even with your eyes shut, it's too bright for your eyes. You put your arms and hands in front of your eyes to help sheild from the intense lighting. It helps, but not for long. Soon enough, the light consumes you. Your body gets very warm, but not hot. The light fades quickly into a moderate lighting, much like daylight. You slowly open your eyes and lower your arms...

    \tAs you open your eyes, all you see is is white. The floor is flat and white. White for endless miles. The sky and anything in the distance is just white. There is no sign of any other color or darkness anywhere. You feel very comfortable in this enviroment. You hear something simular to footsteps that echo in your head, but your not sure what it is or where it is comming from. Suddenly, you know somebody is behind you. You turn around slowly to see a figure. It's a dark and shaded figure, but its much taller than you. It's about as wide as you, though. As you examine it, it starts to become clear. You are face to face with alien intelligence. Just like what you saw in the news a while back. Large black eyes that are very noticable, dark green skin, large head, very long and skinny body. It speaks a language you do not understand, but it makes perfect sense to you. You understand what the alien is telling you despite knowing what it is saying. You listen carefully to listen to everything the alien has to say for it may be important in your life. After it is done, it reaches out slowly and touches your forehead. When it does, you close your eyes. Slowly, the liten room starts to fade out. Through your eyelids, you can see that the light is turning into dark. Once everything stops fading, you open your eyes. Pitch black, total darkness. The only thing you can see is your own self. You look upward in front of you and see a distorted circluar opening form. It grows larger as it comes closer. Blue and black patterns begin to appear. Soon, you are going through this tunel of blue and black specs. It goes around corners and in all sorts of directions. You are moving closer and closer to an object in the distance. A red light. Simular to the one you saw under water, but intensly red. Except this time, you are the one moving toward it! You are moving at it at a million miles per hour. You approach it very quickly, but don't slow down. You try to slow down but don't know how. You can't move, you are paralized. Watch out, your about to hit the it! BAM! Open your eyes. Welcome back to reality..."

    Nice trip?

  2. I'm defintely gonna go take some psychedelic drug and come back to read that. Peace
  3. hehehe, drugs are good! :D i wanna do a voice recorded version and put some errie sounds and effects in the background (with cakewalk or something).

    Thanx guys.
  4. that was awsome...very trippy!!

  5. Yeah do it. Good Read...

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