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a thought?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SmokeIfUGottem, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. werd. +rep that was good:hello:
  2. so you all have mad rep huh? because you smoked a couple of j\'s and your parents did not find out? lets talk about the 20 year old guy ,( much like yourselfs) who back in 86 decided to join our good ole army. in 89 he was sent to kuwait. in 93 somalia. 2003 iraq. 2005 afghanistan. should you feel sorry for this guy. fuck no he was doing what he said he would do. but over the last years i have left my family and friends behind to \"defend the rights of freedom\" so the man says. and guess what? i have smoked almost everyday and do you think i ever got in trouble once. how many times did i brag about a stupid fuckin nug i bought? answer please... never. and what do you kids do all day. you sit around drinking from your parents cup telling me how seasoned you are. well here is what i got for you all. FUCK YOU. you kids spend more time sitting on this chat room, then protesting against what goes on in good old america (which really does not matter because most of you are not even 18). you care more about this thread then you do your own country. i had to fight, my bad of cousre because i signed the paper. i have marched in protest wearing my uniform (which has sent me to trial twice). but when old rummy and condi came to shake my hand what did i do? i turned around like a good american would (still cant believe cnn did not show it). so you keep being pissed at me, for telling you all that you are children. i think you all should talk about whatever you want on another thread. but leave this one for the old heads you scared away. or at least be cool enough to ask a few intelligent questions? but in the end, you have won. because i am out anyway. so for the youth who thinks they know something. go ahead and sit on your ass and do nothing. (in a sacastic voice) it should all be given to you anyway. smoke if you got em
  3. you choosing the join the army was your decision. i commend your service, i dont care if you lost a leg, an arm, and your eyes in battle, youre not giving me a guilt trip. you chose to do it, good fucking job. it wasnt a draft.

    i live in america cuz my parents fucked here. i love this country, but i dont feel OBLIGATED to be patriotic.

    see ya never.
  4. dude...smoke a joint. old or young, seasoned or not we love the herb. you know how siked i was 6 years ago when i got a dime (when at the time i didnt have money from my rents or a job). if you see someone trying to \"brake\" the berrior of \"seasoned and un seasoned\" let them try, if their knowledge is up to standard then welcome them in. if you disaprove, then well then you just disaprove. im done...

    i fall into your \"unseasoned\" catagory being only 21. but i guess my age rules out multiple grows and years of smoking. fuck this i need a joint.

  5. Peace out BRO:wave:
  6. This thread is done.
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