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a thought?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SmokeIfUGottem, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. i am sitting here and just had a great thought. this thread is for seasoned tokers. now i know some of you have been smoking since last week so let me explain this. you are a beat bigginer if you are showing me your 10 dollar nug or you are telling me how your parents busted you. children go home (i can hear your mothers calling) and do your homework. but i am just an old head. smoke if you got em\'
  2. who the fuck would take the time to take a picture and show a dime online?
    damn. i mean; i feel like an idiot when i post a half ounce. lol
  3. I agree with you about the dime pics in seasoned tokers forum, but people really need to stop thinking because people live with parents that it makes them immature or newbs. Its very common for people to either be 18 and still in highschool, or a littler older and living at home cause they go to a local college, or home for summers or what not. Its a transitional period in which some people move out sooner than others. I know me and a bunch of my friends are in that situation and are hardcore smokers. As in we smoke a ton of weed, and know alot about it, strains, sativa/indica, percentages of THC in certain strains and all that. So basically by saying someone who lives at home still is immature and \'there mommy is callin them\' is stereotyping, just like when people say potheads are all worthless to society and shit like that, I like to think im better than that.
  4. i here you man but being 22 does not make you seasoned in anything. unless you are derick trucks and you have been a rock star since you where born.
  5. well yeah i hate it when people post stupid shit, but this thread is kinda useless, believe me, its stressed enough in this forum that kids shoulldnt be here. just \'a thought\'. :rolleyes:
  6. I guess it depends on your personal view of whats seasoned. I consider seasoned anyone whos been around weed long enough to actually know something about it, not the kind of people that smoke at parties only cause other people are or buy a small bag once a week or less. So as far as im concerned, smoking 3-4 pounds in the last two years alone I know a thing or two about smoking. I don\'t really think theres much more for me to learn about weed, except for what still needs to be researched. So IMO thats seasoned.

    If you only had the people that have been smoking for 10-15 years or more, then I think this forum would be pretty dead.

    EDIT: More reasons I\'d say Im \'seasoned\', Ive had probally 10 different glass pieces, with only one being a 30 buck bowl, most of them where atleast 100 bucks if not more. Ive smoked more blunts than i can remember, aswell Js. I have freinds that are 18-20 that smoke 12 blunts a day, always headies, if not more than that. Mainly because they can and there tolerance is soo high.
  7. i live with my parents. only because i go to a local college and it is incredibly cheaper to eat well for free every night than to scrounge on my own.

    i consider myself fairly knowledged. i smoked on and off since freshman year of high school and took it up seriously about 2 years ago (my family moved from the city of chicago to the suburbs. go figure.) i don\'t see any reason for you to make this post other than to try and boast about your knowledge and superiority to a bunch of other people\'s words on an internet forum. i feel like i give out a decent amount of advice to people, and i definitely take a lot of knowledge away from the city.

    that\'s what it\'s here for.

    and why can\'t people post a picture of their \"10 dollar nug\" as you put it? or post about how their parents busted them?

    once again, that\'s what the forum is here for. if you don\'t like it, get out.
  8. ^^^this is who i was talking about^^^
  9. Smokeifyougot\'em what the hell is wrong with you? You don\'t come on the forums (as you are a new guy to them)and bash anyone. This place isnt somewhere where you can just come on here and talk shit about anyones anything. I dont care if you think thhey are idiots, I dont care if you think they have shitty weed, I dont care what you think, and anyone whos been on this forum for a while doesnt care either. Keep you negative shit to your self.
  10. i would like to hear you explain to me what the fuck i am doing that is wrong on the boards?
  11. i hate marijuana elitists.

    fucking pricks.:mad:
  12. clarifing, i disagreed to thast part, i just dont like to quote half a sentence, oh never mind me, im baked:smoke:
  13. live awhile and read some old posts from some real seasoned tokers. and maybe (big maybe), you will get what i am talking about. there is a place for everything. this is the \"seasoned tokers\" thread. and here is a good start. if you still live or buy your weed with your parents money, you are not a seasoned anything. maybe a pain in the ass. dont take it so personally guys. i just consider this a place for the older guys. but like the guy who is still wondering if he is gonna go to jail because he cant keep his hands off shit that is not his (^^^), what do i know, i am the newb on GC. lol
  14. yea but its hard to not take it personally when you personally called out emagdnim.

    you know what? i hate fucks like you who say something offensive and then when we catch you on it, you post again and say \"aw but i didnt mean it like that\". youre the one i have a problem with, since this thread is about complaining. i can ignore the not so great threads. its hard to ignore repetitive negative posts.

  15. my parents money? fuck yourself.

    i work full time and go to school full time.

    i buy my own weed.
  16. i got my problems you got urs asshole, mind your own buisness, i dont come and hate on anyone, unless they fucking deserve it. \"the guy who doesnt kno if hes going to jail or not\"? if you can fucking read it clearly says im not. that thread is like 3 months old in the first place. and why are you tring to play it off like most people on these forums are underage, everyone clearly knows the rules and would have enough respect to follow them, living with your parents doesnt mean shit about how seasoned you are at smoking.

    your nuts buddy.

    This forum used to be a peacful fun place to check up on once in a while, see what other smokers out there in the world do. There habits and if you can relate to them. I\'ve seen a couple of posts already that other people have noticed that ever since overgrow went down that we\'ve had alot of shit talkers and disrespectful people join the ranks. And heres one of them, YOU are the trash that is beginning to ruin this forum.
  17. + rep
  18. Ummm, what if you have been smoking in the comfort of you\'re home since you were 13 and you give your parents the money to GET you weed because they get the best shit there is. Would that be unseasoned? Or what if someone leaves home at 16 then starts blazing 2 weeks later then comes on to these forums, are they seasoned because they don\'t live at home. Sorry dude, your point is plainly retarded
  19. Barely.
  20. Haha... oh god, that was the only post in this entire thread worth reading. Heh.

    The only one being immature is you buddy (not Tyrone, I meant the thread poster... he\'s just so insignificant that I didn\'t bother remembering his name)

    Not to mention, you have 129 posts and I haven\'t heard you say anything except for bullshit, so I don\'t care if you\'re older than the fossil fuels heating my crib or have smoked more weed than is grown in all of B.C. every season... but the truth is, that it doesn\'t matter how old someone is. It\'s the internet, people are judged by their words. I mean, of course grasscity can\'t allow anyone under 18 on here for legal reasons, and that\'s just something people have to respect. Personally, I know plenty of kids under 18 who can hold much more intelligent conversations than plenty of aged adults and it therefore doesn\'t bother me. It wasn\'t that long ago that I was under age (a year and a couple of months) and I know how it feels to be descriminated against for ones age, not even given a chance to prove ones self. So... to conclude my rant, pull your head of your ass, but only so you can get the fuck off this forum a little faster. I don\'t give a fuck if you shove your head right back up there as soon as you get off here, if you\'re into that kind of thing.

    P.S. - Pounds of weed may be fun to see, but you only need a picture of a little nug when showing off the quality and visually appealing aspect of your weed. So all you fellows who don\'t have mass amounts of cash... post your bowls and dimes, if we don\'t want to see it, we won\'t post in your threads and they\'ll fall away within minutes, never to be seen again.
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